02 January 2006

LIBERIA: I.E. Basketball Team at Brink of Collapse

The basketball team of the Invincible Eleven Majesty Club is said to be at the brink of collapse.
According to information gathered by our sports desk, the team has been abandoned by the I.E. Board and Executives for some time now, something that is hampering the running of the team.
The team is presently at the stage of breaking apart because the players have all expressed dissatisfaction and have threatened to boycott any game if not attended to before the commencement of the LBF league second phase.
Also speaking to our sports desk, the team’s manager, Mr. Emmanuel Taylor, admitted that no support is forthcoming from the team’s board to help improve the team’s status.
According to him, the players sometime even get stranded during practice session, because they have been totally abandoned.
“Up to now, the players do not have sneakers for the league, then tell me what do we expect in this season”, Mr. Taylor said
On the other hand, the players have threaten that if their needs are not urgently attended to, there is no possibility that they might continue the LBF League.“We will not see our friends get prepared in all aspects for the league, then we are half prepared to face them. What do you expect, do you expect positive results or negative ones,” the players complained.

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