06 January 2006

KENYA: Deaf Basketball Seminar Nairobi

Kenya Sports Federation for the Deaf (KSFD)has been choosen by International Deaf Basketball Federation(DIBF)to host Deaf basketball seminar for Eastern Africa Countries on the said mentioned dates.
Most of the countries are War Torn and as I result the THEME and essence of the seminar will be Peace,Environment and Sports(Basketball) in disability.Deaf is a hidden disability and are less recocknised in the society as part of the community.It is on this that we have invited over 15 countries ie Rwanda,Burundi,Uganda,Chad, Tanzania,Somalia,Sudan,Eretria,Ethiopia,DRC(Zaire),Zimbabwe,Zambia,Seychelles, Djibuoti,Zanzibar and host Kenya for these first time event on Disability (Environment and Sports) as most of their disability are caused by War or natural calamities we want them(deaf) to feel cared,loved and treated like the rest while brought together for the War torn countries to mix and enjoy peace and good sporting environment in a relaxed atmosphere in Kenya.We will also feature Refugees from Kenyan camps with the help of UNHCR and make it as we tell them LOVE YOUR PLANET,keep it clean and safe for the children.
Hoping that you will support us once called upon and make it happen and a success to all as it is the children who normally come to suffer.It need to have less orphans in our region,lets help fight HIV/AIDS in a good peaceful environment.We have done basketball tournament in Burundi,Uganda,Tanzania,DRC(Zaire) and soon will these year have Somalia and Sudan as our MAIN two countries in our goal target.
Thank you very much and God bless you.It is not what you give but what you initiate to give that matters in life.Be blessed.
Yours Environmental friend,
Juma Kent,
Sports Director
Project Footprints.

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