25 December 2005

TANZANIA: Ladies basketball

The league debutantes, TZ Prisons, were the best new team in the 2005 edition of the Kili RBA League, after clinching the third position overall behind Cargo Ladies and Jeshi Stars.
The team’s best player in the tournament was Naima Boli. The tallest player of the tournament emerged the best defender in the women’s category.
Boli and her teammate, Mary Kimata, said they were impressed with their team’s good performance in this year’s league despite it being their first time.
“We never thought to finish this way, but we are all highly motivated with what we managed to achieve, and hope to put on a better performance next season,” they said. Boli said she expected in next year’s league to have a more polished side in both departments.
“We will use well the remaining time before the 2006 league for technical improvement so that when the league starts, we should have reached the levels of JKT Queens, Cargo Ladies and Jeshi Stars,” said Boli.
TZ Prisons excelled over other league newcomers, Police Queens and JKT Mgulani, to become the team that posed threats to the league veterans.

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