31 December 2005


I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the development of basketball through Environment and Nature, be given the responsibility to assist in preparation for the XIII Abe Linc International Tournament, November 05th to 11th December 2005.
It was a responsibility I took very seriously and hope my contribution reflected favorably, may I take this opportunity to thank the Patron Abe Linc,UNEP,Global Sports Alliance(Ecoflag),Sadili Oval, Project Footprints(Pedas),Kenya Basketball federation, Nile Breweries,City,Oils,Asiatic Sports, International Aids Vaccine Initiative and Uganda Basketball federation plus the entire basketball fraternity for giving me a chance yet again to work with the best in the region and also be a part of the winning outfit that is not only basketball oriented, but also a group of potential future leaders, role models and mentors to the other youth that are striving each day to make it to the international arena by watching, observing and trying to emulate them.
Truly if this is not an honour I don't know what it is!!
My report shall be concise and precise.
In spite of all the hustle I went through, the trip was a success and one of the best trips and emerged victorious...I enjoyed the environment presentations I made with the players and their improvement and eagerness to learn was my reward. As a coach/organizer of the tournament I enjoyed the opportunity I had to coach/organize and referee. I sincerely hope that a foundation will start that will provide basis for many future success. It does not happen quickly-patience, long range planning, development Programmes-school and youth programmes -international competitions and periodic training camps for national level players.
Kenya has a real possibility to develop into an outstanding basketball nation because of the good nature of peace and environment atmosphere we have. It will not be easy, so we have to run a long range planning. Assessing my experience, I will outline a few things I have observed and review some of the areas of technical development with current players and summarize some recommendation that could be followed up noting environmental events in future in all basketball(sports) activities. I hope you will continue to provide the necessary leadership, assistance and sponsorship and not get discouraged.
"You can create something special and can make something happen it all starts with YOU. Put 100 percent in everything that's the heart of a champion and a champion is somebody who can deal with the tough times. Remember that it's just basketball, but it's not real life".
The more stability and continuity that can be supplied the better to
Ø -develop a plan
Ø -design means to implement the plan
Ø -see the plan through

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