20 February 2016

RWANDA - APR, UGB to clash, unbeaten Patriots take top spot

U18 Boys Team vs Espoir, 10am
APR vs UGB, 12pm
Patriots 74-41 U18 Boys Team
Former champions APR take on United Generation Basketball (UGB) in a national basketball league game today at UR- CST (formerly KIST) courts – the game starts at 12pm.
It’s a game pitying two teams, level on 12 points each this season, having both won four and lost four out of eight league games played so far. Going into today’s battle, APR stand in fifth position, courtesy of a better point average, a spot higher than UGB.
Elsewhere today, the four-time reigning champions Espoir will be up against Moise Mutokambali’s U18 Boys Team at the same venue in the first game of the day.
Meanwhile, on Thursday evening, on-form Patriots trounced U18 Boys Team 74-41 at Green Hills Academy (GHA) to dethrone Didier Bineza’s IPRC-South at the top of the table.
Henry Mwinuka’s team had a smooth run over the youthful national side—Patriots, won all four quarters 14-12, 26-7, 16-8 and 18-14 respectively to stretch the unbeaten run to 12 games, including 9 games in the league and 3 in the Heroes Day tourney. This was also their final game of the league’s first round.
As it stands, Patriots (9:0 win ratio) tops the table with maximum 18 points, a point better than second-placed IPRC- South, IPRC-Kigali are third with 15 points while holders Espoir stand in fourth place with 12 points but having played two games less.

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