16 February 2016

NIGERIA - African Basketball League Dunks Off March 4

The African Basketball League, ABL, has secured a partnership deal with Trace as the official TV and digital partner for the inaugural Basketball league, which dunks off on March 4.
With this new partnership deal, African Basketball League games will be aired on TRACE TV in 160 countries across Africa, Europe, Asia, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.
According to the Chief Executive Officer of ABL, Ugo Udezue, the deal has proved to the world that Africa is gradually gaining prominence in the dunking game.
"This deal is historic for the ABL and it will contribute greatly to the growth of professional basketball within the African continent. We are excited to feed the appetite of basketball lovers all across the world. It is another way of making the ABL games accessible to millions of passionate basketball fans. We are delighted to have TRACE as our official TV partner," he said.
The Chief Executive Officer of TRACE Nigeria, Samo Onyemelukwe, also said:
"This partnership is a new occasion to demonstrate TRACE continuous engagement and support of the best African talents. With ABL, we are committed to provide a fantastic sport and entertainment experience to all basketball fans in Africa and the rest of the world."
Six strong basketball clubs have been confirmed for the debut season, including Lagos Islanders, Stallions and Lagos Warriors. The other Africa clubs that will participate in the league include Dakar Rapids from Senegal, Abidjan Ramblers from the Cote d'Ivoire and Izobe Basketball Club from Libreville, Gabon.

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