21 October 2015

LESOTHO : Qie is back in basketball

Qie jersey (12) in action after there monthsMASERU-Lehlohonolo ‘Qie” Rajane (12) is back in basketball since he was involved in a car accident two and half months ago at Hlotse Leribe, on his way back from Butha Buthe. He was hospitalized in Maseru and Bloemfontein.
On Friday Qie played his first match after two and half months and performed very well when his side, Basha Ba Heso (BBH) humbled Lerotholi Polytechnic (LP) by 66-27 baskets.
Qie was part of the attack and defense and he looked very fit and was making very good decisions and played for most of the duration of the match.
BBH won all the four quarters of the A Division Basketball League, they beat LP 13-09 in the first quarter, 21-10 in the second quarter, it was even wise when BBH defeated LP 12-00 in the third quarter and the four quarter LP lost 20-80 but after the match BBH were not happy to have scored more than that.

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