11 June 2015

LIBERIA : No Basketball League in 2015?

Leroy M. Sonpon, III
May is strictly set aside for the resumption of all sporting activities by associations since the outbreak and flush-out of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).
Major associations, including football, athletics, kickball, table tennis and lawn tennis have commenced their activities, except the country’s second popular sport, basketball.
Up to this date, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has suspended basketball activities due the leadership crisis in the association began over the last four months.
Aggrieved stakeholders raised five issues, amongst which include: the violation of the constitution, the failure of holding election on the fourth and ineligibility of clubs which didn’t participate in the immediate past organized basketball season.
A rejoinder by the LBA leadership said because of the outbreak of the Ebola in the country, elections could not be held in 2014; and that some of the contestants seeking positions are not eligible, quoting constitutional requirements.
The misunderstanding compelled Deputy Sports Minister Henry Yonton to refer the case to FIBA-Africa.
Minister Yonton said yesterday in a mobile interview that the Ministry, waiting for FIBA-Africa intervention is considering a re-dialogue between the contesting parties.
“We want to call the two parties to find a way forward, and if there is no compromise then we would wait for whatever months or years it would take for FIBA-Africa to mediate,” Minister Yonton said.
He added: “We hope that for the good of the game, there would be success in our second attempt to amicably solve this leadership crisis.”

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