27 May 2015

TANZANIA : Zanzibar Basketball League Starts Monday

Zanzibar — Zanzibar basketball league which will pit teams from Unguja and Pemba is set to begin at the Gymkhana Club courts here on Monday.
Speaking to journalists, Acting Secretary General of the Zanzibar Basketball Association, Abdallah Hassan Ali, said the annual league will draw together a total of 12 men and ladies teams.
Ali said out of the 12 teams, five will be ladies teams while remaining seven will be men teams. He further said that out of the four teams that will compete in the league from Pemba island, three are men's teams.
He mentioned men teams from Pemba as Tonado, Califonia all from Chake and Clokers from Mkoani, while Chake Stars is the only ladies team from Pemba.
For Unguja, men's teams are Stone Town, Rangers, Polisi and Nyuki, while ladies teams are African Magic, JKU, Mafunzo and New West.
Hassan said that so far preparations for staging the league are going on well; saying glittering trophies are awaiting winners in both categories.
He said talks are ongoing with Zanlink to sponsor the league. "We are optimistic that the deal will go through and this year's event will be a great success," he said.

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