11 May 2015

KENYA : Ulinzi overpower Blades, Thunder strike Aviation

By francis marangu
May 10, 2015
  • Storms Angela Luchivya tackles Mennonites Rachel Kibwana.(Photo by Shutterspeed)
  • Ulinzi's Geoffrey Mwaniki dribbles the ball away from Strathmore University Reuben Muraya Arena.(Photo by Shutterspeed)
  • Storms Angela Luchivya tackles Mennonites Rachel Kibwana.(Photo by Shutterspeed)
  • Ulinzi's Geoffrey Mwaniki dribbles the ball away from Strathmore University Reuben Muraya Arena.(Photo by Shutterspeed)
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Nairobi City Thunder shook off a slow start to beat Nairobi Aviation College 62-54 in a men premier league game Sunday that dangerman Griffin Ligare was well contained at the Nyayo National Stadium gymnasium.
The aviators managed to restrict him to single digit scores but Kevin Chogo was let loose with a game high 23 points. Chogo grabbed five rebounds, two blocks and two steals. Ben Oluoch scored 16 points for Aviation and Maurice Obilo added 14.
In first quarter, Thunder raced to a 9-5 lead but allowed Aviation to catch up. With five seconds remaining, the game was tied at 15-all but Dalmas Odalo scored a basket at the whistle for Aviation to lead 17-15.
When second quarter began, the students continued with their fine run scoring quick baskets through Odalo, Oluoch and Obilo. Thunder replied through Chogo’s two baskets, a basket from Aleu Dhol and a free shot from Ligare as Aviation led 23-22 midway the quarter.
Ligare then sunk a 3-point shot to give Thunder a 25-23 lead to never look back again. They won the quarter 20-8 for a 35-25 halftime lead and extended their dominance in second half.
From 19 attempts at the 3-point line, Thunder made five shots and 10 points from the free-throw line out of 15 attempts.
Aviation scored 10 of their points from free shots and six from the arc. Ancette Wafula gave a good account of himself as Ulinzi Warriors emerged victors in their replay against Blades winning 68-58.
The soldiers trailed 34-37 at halftime after Blades won first quarter 20-14 and Ulinzi the second 20-17. Ulinzi had team manager Eliud Nzioka given a technical foul due to abusive language.
Wafula scored 10 points in third quarter to help Ulinzi overturn the scoreline with a 24-15 score. A 10-6 win in the fourth quarter helped Ulinzi seal the win. Wafula top scored for Ulinzi with 25 points, 18 coming off the 3-point line.
For Blades, Shilton Ochieng scored 14 points with 9 from the 3-point line, Reuben Muraya added 12 with 6 from the arc and Joseph Ongoro accounted for 11 points, 6 from the arc.
Ulinzi scored 10 points from free shots and 24 from the 3-point line while Blades had 9 points from free shots and 21 from 3-pointers.
Equity beat KPA
In other men premier league games, Zetech University scored big in their 83-53 win over Strathmore University while Equity Bank beat Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) 60-52. Mennonite remained winless in women premier league after suffering heavy defeats.
On Saturday, they conceded a century score against Sprite Storms losing 38-108 and lost 24-63 to Strathmore University on Sunday. Against Strathmore, they were at their lowest scoring single digits in all quarters.
First quarter was a low-key affair for both teams ending in a 6-all tie but Strathmore took the initiative in the second with a 23-6 score.
The students won remaining quarters 14-4 and 20-8 respectively. Mollete Achieng scored highest for Strathmore with 16 points, Vibean Nyamboga and Pauline Okech added 9 each while Quinter Odongo and Jackline Tinega had 8 apiece.
Rachael Kibwana top scored for Mennonite with 16 points, scoring four in first quarter, three in second quarter, four in third quarter and five in fourth quarter. Strathmore made two shots from the arc and three points from the free-throw line while Mennonite scored two 3-point shots and two free-throws.
Little Prince led 32-23 at halftime to beat Baraka Xtreme 53-48 in division one action. Both teams scored identical 15 points from the free-throw line and three shots from the arc each.
Barclays Bank managed to beat Don Bosco 60-59 with the fourth quarter ending in a 14-all tie. From the 3-point line, both teams scored 12 points while Barclays scored 18 from free shots compared to Don Bosco’s 3.
On Saturday, World Hope beat Trailblazers 65-61.
Weekend Results: Blades 58 Ulinzi Warriors 68, Strathmore Swords 63 Mennonite 24, Little Prince 53 Baraka Xtreme 48, Don Bosco 59 Barclays Bank 60, Trailblazers 61 World Hope 65, Nairobi Aviation College 54 Thunder 62, Strathmore University 53 Zetech University 83, Sprite Storms 108 Mennonite 38.

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