19 September 2014

UGANDA : Approach will vary, says coach Juruni

KAMPALA- We might have all heard of the ability of chameleons and octopi to change as they move from one environment to another. Many times, it’s fascinating to watch.
From blue to green to red to purple…name it. Mandy Juruni may not be an animal expert but he wouldn’t mind if his team behaved that way in the Fiba Africa Zone V Basketball Nations Championship.
“The approach will vary. It depends on what team we are playing,” Juruni, the men’s national team coach, the Silverbacks, told Daily Monitor yesterday. “As Uganda, we always have something that has been working for us.”
That search for an identity is one many may want to point a finger at from tip-off at the Lugogo MTN Arena on Sunday.
From the selection of four big men in the final 12, Ivan Lumanyika, Henry Malinga, Samuel Kalwanyi and Andrew Opiyo, Uganda will attempt to be a shooting team to compensate for being undersized.
This is something the Burundians have done well. Somalia and Rwanda try to seek a balance, the latter relying heavily on City Oilers’ Kami Kabange.
On the other hand, favourites Egypt and neighbours Kenya will largely depend on their inside game to get results.
Juruni, of course, will not be coming from a position of ignorance as the Silverbacks played against this opposition at the last edition and the club event last month.
With the draw set for tomorrow, Juruni, like all the other six teams, will only learn of the pool stage opponents with a few hours to tip-off. “Now, it’s about being better at our weaknesses,” Juruni said.
Consequently, the Zone V event has led to the postponement of today’s Airtel National Basketball League games to avoid the likelihood of any injuries hours before the Uganda takes on the region.
Flavia Oketcho, Sylvia Nakazibwe, Muhaimina Namuwaya, Vicky Ntale (captain), Lynn Nalunkuma, Claire Lamunnu, Meme Rukia, Peace Proscovia, Becky Akullo, Sharon Karungi, Carol Nywafwono, Monica Siima. COACH: Timothy Odeke
Henry Malinga, Ivan Lumanyika, Samuel Kalwanyi, Andrew Opiyo, Stephen Omony, Norman Blick, Jimmy Enabu, Ben Komakech, Josh Johnson, Samuel Mukooza, Kassim Nagwere, John Balwigaire COACH: Mandy Jaruni

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