24 March 2014

UGANDA : Power Shift

After winning back-to-back national basketball titles in 2010-11, Dmark Power has had nothing to celebrate since and, in a bid to turn tables over the opposition, they have broken the bank to sign three star players ahead of the upcoming new season, writes Felix Eupal.
According to Phillip Kyomuhendo, the Power manager, the team has secured the services of Ivan Enabu from Kyambogo Warriors, centre Philip Amenyi and Abdullahi Ramathan from Falcons.
The move has been received with enthusiasm from Power fans after the club recently lost the services of point guard Ben Komakech to City Oilers.
"The thirst for title means we couldn't afford to nurture young players, who would take time to become title contenders," Kyomuhendo says.
Last season, Power lost the services of shooting guard Isaac Lugudde who relocated to South Africa and Emmanuel Enabu who left to studies. That's why on paper, the three signings seem to tilt the balance of strength in Power's hands.
The trio brings vast experience to the team but it remains to be seen how they will fit into the team. Enabu and Ramathan are at their best when running the show. On their day, they can bring down any team but the back court is not Power's Achilles' heel. It is their front court, which makes Amenyi the most important signing.
Enabu is a luxury which will be quite a baggage for Ankunda to handle because he has to deal with the egos of Isaac Afidra and Norman Blick. Ramathan, on the other hand, is one individual who is hyper sensitive and often loses his head over small altercations.
So, before Power fans get excited about how they will be running at opponents, coach Barnes Ankunda has his work cut out to create a winning team. The trio will be unveiled this Thursday and on the same occasion, Kyomuhendo says Power will unveil a new sponsor.
Will it be a quick fix that only clears the damage on the surface or the answer to Power's questions? Only time can tell.

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