23 March 2014

KENYA : Basketball Players’ Association Adopted

KBF AGM at Nyayo stadium
KBF AGM at Nyayo stadium
 Updated on 22/03/14  |    By DENNIS MACHIO

The Kenya Basketball Federation Annual General Meeting held in Nairobi on Saturday ratified the inclusion of the Basketball Players Association as a recognized entity in the constitution. The players Association will now have representation at Annual General Meetings, fixtures committees and will also have one vote during national elections.
The Association will take the next step of official registration and appointment of an interim committee which will be mandated with the responsibility of organizing and holding national elections before or by August 2014.
All players (current and retired) across the country will be eligible to vie for various posts that are yet to be created. Members will pay an annual fee of 50 shillings (Initial membership fee that may change with time).
The players association will among other objectives be the voice of the players representing their grievances to the national executive, will be holding players’ camps to foster unity, will hold a national membership registration campaign, will hold national workshops and grassroots development of the game as well as ensure the welfare of the players is well catered for at all fronts.

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