16 January 2014

UGANDA : Ferwaba Requests Fuba for Change of Date in Zone 5 Games

Following the Zone Five Basketball Games scheduled in May 2014 in Uganda, the local basketball federation-Ferwaba has requested the Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) to switch the date of the competition upon a claim that, it will be during the 100-days of commemorating the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.
The Ferwaba president, Desire Mugwiza said, "We requested the Uganda basketball federation that the U19 competition be moved since it is a sad period for Rwanda and usually, most of the competitions don't take place in the country."
When asked if a response was received, Mugwiza said, "Up to now, the Ugandan federation has not officially replied to the request."
During that period every year, most of the sports activities come to a standstill for the country to remember the sports men and women, fans and administrators who passed away during that period. Among the players killed during the genocide include Emmanuel Ntarugera (Gisembe) , a commonly well-known basketball player from Espoir.
In general, the basketball fraternity lost many players and fans such as Gisembe and others, a reason as to why the country continues to grieve for the athletes who passed away.
Six countries will compete in this year's Zone 5 in Uganda including Rwanda Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Burundi and hosts Uganda

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