29 January 2014

LESOTHO : BBH close first round in serious note

Bashana Ba Heso (BBH) ended the first round of the National Basketball League in their group and this is after defeating Buffalos by 60–19 baskets.
KTA All Stars maintain second position when they defeated the same team with 96-45 baskets, KTA All Stars lost against BBH only and BBH has won every match they have played. National Basketball League Committee and Executive Committee must enforce rules and regulations on the clubs which does not attend the league games.
If the teams forfeit their points, they give other teams the opportunity to score more baskets, and at the same time some clubs benefit 20 basketballs without being scored and these clubs gain goal differences against teams who fought for the points and baskets. They do not get any fines; they are only relegated at the end of the season after costing other team’s points and goals.
The results of the games played on Saturday at the National University of Lesotho Basketball Courts, in court A Limkokwing University Technology (LUCT) lost by 37-28 against Leseli, Lerotholi Polytechnic lost 34-28 against Rovers and Shines forfeited against Mafokotsane and were awarded a 20-0 victory margin. In court B Buffalos lost 60-19 against the log leaders BBH, Rangers was not present at the time of the game forfeited 20-0 to Street Sharks, Khube State also forfeited against Rangers and also got 20-0.
Surprisingly after Street Sharks got free points and baskets, it was no where to be found when they were supposed play against Buffalos, so Buffalos got 20-0. Buffalos had to take KTA All Stars late after launch and lost 96-45, but Buffalos game improved in every quarter. In the first they lost 22-3, second quarter was 24-16, third quarter was 23-13 and the last quarter was 27-13.
Buffalos ended both matches playing with four players in the field and this was after some of their players got five fouls and had to march out. In their last game they lost Thabiso Lesale and Khotso Tamanyane on five fouls and Fusi Mphongoa was limping after getting an injury in the first match, while Molupe Rats’olo was also sent off because of five fouls but his team had more players to take his place.

The last match of the day was between Rovers and Mafokotsane in court B, and Rovers defeated Mafokotsane 61-47, Rovers ended the first round on top in their group, followed by Lerotholi Polytechnic and third is Leseli. The dates and venues of the second round will be announced soon.

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