23 April 2013

UGANDA : Fuba Makes Changes in Basketball League

It is going to be a trying season for the Federation Of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) after it announced changes in the way the hoops' leagues will be played.
First of all the top flight basketball league for both men and women has been renamed to National Basketball League (NBL), a second tier for women with eight teams has been formed and together with what has been known as second division for men will be called the first division and the men's former third division will now be called the development league (D-League).
The National Basketball League will be managed and marketed differently from the first division and D-League, Ali Balunwya the federation's publicist revealed.
Another notable change is the federation allowing Universities teams to host their home games against other University teams in their backyards. Changes were also made in the D-League playing format with four subdivisions called conferences established; these teams will face off, four times a season with the top two playing in a playoff to get the promoted.
Uganda Christian University, Nkumba University, Ndejje University, Kampala International University and Kampala University are some of the universities with teams playing league basketball at different levels.
This move is aimed at popularizing the sport and allows communities associate with the sport, Sande Manano, the competitions council chairman said.
However FUBA said that NBL will maintain the regular season and playoffs, also two teams will be demoted to first division and two will be promoted to NBl after playing the first and second rounds.
The federation secured a sponsorship deal with telecom firm airtel for the NBL but has kept details to themselves. Balunywa was tightlipped on who will be bankrolling the first division and D-League.

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