25 April 2012

RWANDA : Local Basketball Body Braced for Fresh Faces

NATIONAL basketball governing body Ferwaba leadership will have new faces on Sunday after the General Assembly ordered for fresh elections as opposed to filling the posts of top officials who have resigned.
Former hoops federation president Eric Kalisa, first vice president Henry Munyengabe and legal Advisor Shema Maboko resigned last year citing personal reasons.
As a result, second vice president in the previous administration, Albert Kayiranga was tasked to head the body on a temporary basis until the vacant positions were filled.
But in a stormy meeting held at the weekend, to set a date for the elections, representatives of local clubs, requested the remaining officials to resign so that new leaders elected.
Although he did not initially agree with the decision, interim president Kayiranga conceded and resigned together with the remaining officials to pave way for new elections due this Sunday at Amahoro stadium.
"Members from the General Assembly argued that it would be good to fulfill the vacant positions because mixing new people and the ones who are already in the administration wouldn't be a good idea.
I thought this argument was weak but we accepted their position and resigned," said Kayiranag, who is also the head of sports at National University of Rwanda.

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