19 January 2012

NAMIBIA : German and Nation Basketball Federations Strengthen Bond

The Namibian Basketball Federation (NBF) and their German counterparts signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Windhoek on Monday.

This agreement is meant to formalize and extend the already existing cooperation between the two national federations and Namibia wants to continue and intensify their partnership.
Long-serving Director of Sport, Dr Vetumbuavi Veii, welcomed the strengthening of the bond between the DBB and NBF through the MoU, in addition to a bilateral agreement between the Namibian and German governments, that led to German basketball expert Frank Albin sbeing econded to Namibia since October 2009, focusing on mini basketball development.
André Scholz, Chargé d'Affaires of the German Embassy in Namibia, was pleased to see the official bilateral cooperation being extended to national federations. He further confirmed that the German Federal Foreign Office, via the German Olympic Sports
Federation (DOSB), has decided to extend the duration of the long-term project with Albin for a further two years.
The secondment of Albin as a long-term basketball expert is done within the framework of its global sports promotion programme, which supports the development of sports by, among others, dispatching sport experts, donating sport equipment and offering training courses for coaches at various sport schools and universities in Germany.
The DBB delegation is headed by Spaegele, accompanied by Regina and Gerhard Haegele, supporters and private sponsors of the Basketball Artists School (BAS) in Katutura.
During a visit to the township the German delegation met their godchildren Reuney and Helena and Basketball Artists where they handed over donations.
The Haegele couple was very touched by the performance and commitment of the Basketball Artists.
As a result of the progress and achievements made so far, 50 pairs of brand-new basketball shoes were handed over in the name of DBB President Ingo Weiss to BAS, by Joachim Spaegele.
Since February 2010, the children play every day on an outdoor court and thus the shoe wear is essential and hence very crucial for the development of the skills of the kids.

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