14 April 2011

GHANA : Game Day Recap; 13/4

Tema Youth Turbo Jets
I'm beginning to loose it for Lebanon House. Nine cars either crossed or passed by the court during Wednesday's games. Talk of unnecessary interference!. TY started this game on a slow note, missing 3 easy fast breaks in a row. The Jets looked the more ambitious side taking the game on from the tip and went ahead to win the first half 29-20. TY returned a revitalized side still going to their "high-low" plays on the offense while Jones led them to keep the boards clean and a start a couple of breaks.

CEPS 91, Reformers 56

Complete blow out! from the on set it looked like the Reformers had already determined their fate with the kind of game they played going on to loose the first quarter 23 -08. It was nothing but a CEPS show, until the game got a bit too physical which led to too many unnecessary out bursts by both teams. As much as all present will agree that the referees made some questionable calls, which does happen quite regularly, it still doesn't warrant any sought of unsportsmanlike attitudes from the playing body especially when one team is having a 40 point blow out.


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