09 December 2010

UGANDA : Blick, Afidra and Komakech lead MVP award contenders

Written by Felix Eupal http://www.observer.ug

At this rate, it would be impossible to determine who walks away with the playoff MVP gong this year.

Dmark Power and UCU Lady Canons in the driving seat have scores of players who deserve the accolade. Elsewhere in Power, no one has looked better than skipper Norman Blick.

Blick won the regular season MVP award last year, albeit amidst controversy. He was informed about the decision by the technical committee a day before, implying that the fans’ votes didn’t matter.

Isaac Afridra, seen as the rightful winner had already bagged the top scorer. So, the Federation didn’t want one person walk off with all the accolades.
But the Blick of last year is not the Blick of this season. Back then, what Blick lacked in scores, he made up in assists, showing extraordinary leadership skills and confidence.

For most people, the MVP award is all about stats. That’s not entirely true. Think of that player whose departure from the team would leave it in tatters. Going by this measure, no player would fit the bill than 2008 playoff MVP Ben Komakech.

While Komakech has been off for most of the playoffs, he showed up when his team needed him most. Just like he did in 2008, when everyone stopped working, he came knocking. If it wasn’t for that three pointer two seconds to the buzzer with Power trailing by three points, it would be a whole different story.

Isaac Afridra is another candidate. After struggling with a nagging knee injury all season, the man who believes he can do it all on court came on board and started from where he stopped. Despite averaging 17.2 points, he has been the mailman.

In the women’s category, Lorrain Akinyi has been a revelation. She has made opponents look bad, including A1 Challenge, whom she rendered an outfit in need of a massive makeover. Picking rebounds, assisting and scoring for the fun of it, last year’s women’s top scorer is at it again.

Of course her team mates have been a boost, always creating the chances for the star to shine and she has returned the favour. Maureen Amoding is the other candidate. She has come in handy, providing an answer whenever Akinyi was out marked.

The youngster has the agility of grizzly bear, and has never failed to take matters in her own hands. Even coach Mandy Juruni confesses she’s a “formidable asset.”

Anastasia Njeri also more than qualifies to make it to the nominees’ list. The Kenyan import is devilishly hardworking and amazingly effective.

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