28 February 2010

NAMIBIA : Titans team 2009

Squad Titans

Player Height Position Country
Yemi Ajagbe Yemi Ajagbe - Power Forward [NIG] 08/05/1981

Patrick Gonteb - n/a [NAM] -
Paulus Hamulengo Paulus Hamulengo - Shooting Guard [NAM] 11/10/1981
Ankama Hango Ankama Hango - Power Forward [NAM] 12/01/1981
Ruben Iyambo Ruben Iyambo - Forward [NAM] 22/03/1983

Mervin Katjouanga - Shooting Guard [NAM] 05/08/1980

Ndeatapo Kaulinge - n/a [NAM] 13/07/1980
Isak Nahum Isak Nahum - Point Guard [NAM] 02/09/1990
Gabriel Petrus Gabriel Petrus - Shooting Guard [NAM] 13/02/1984
Corby Prinzonsky Corby Prinzonsky - Forward [NAM] 23/08/1982
Vivian Ramakhutla Vivian Ramakhutla - Guard [NAM] 19/03/1981

Frederick Stromen - Guard [NAM] 30/09/1986
Francis Tshibangu Francis Tshibangu - Center [DRC] 12/04/1983

Administration Titans

Yemi Ajagbe Yemi Ajagbe Coach [NIG] 08/05/1981
Vivian Ramakhutla Vivian Ramakhutla Team Manager [NAM] 19/03/1981

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