16 June 2009

GHANA : GAABL: CEPS Braves ends Hoops winning streak

As expected by many basketball fans who watch matches at the Lebanon House, the matchup between Hoops and Braves of CEPS was worth watching as both teams currently have the best crop of players in Ghana basketball. CEPS who are currently the defending champion where also anxious for the matchup to test the capability of their team who will be taken part in the African Club Championship in the coming months. The game which had a lot of fireworks from the beginning to the end had the crowd going wild with excitement. It was a close one all through. CEPS lead at the first quarter 14-20. This has been their lowest score in the beginning quarter for as long as anyone can remember. In the second quarter Hoops outscore them 15-14 with the half ending 29-34. Both sides came back from the break playing excellent basketball each scoring 26pts apiece with the third quarter ending 55-61. The fourth quarter decided the game with CEPS outscoring Hoops 24-36 bring the final result to 79-97. At the end of the match the CEPS coach was astonished as how tough the game was because Hoops played them man to man defense all through. He also added that their win was attributed to the turnovers from the Hoops guard in the final quarter. This was very true as the point guard somehow lost concentration in the final minutes turning the ball over a lot. Hoops player of the day was S. Oladipo who scored 27pts 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

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