16 May 2008

CAPE VERDE : Santo Antao, and Fogo Finalists

Santo Antao Island Basketball: Fiorentina and Maritimo fights for Regional title

Fiorentina and Maritimo are the two teams that have advanced to the finals in the Santo Antao regional championship.
The teams finished in the top two positions in the regular season, with Fiorentina on top. With the regular season title secured, Fiorentina will now

try to beat Maritimo in the finals of the playoffs, to go and represent the island in the national championship.

The games will this week, and end by the end of May.

Island of Fogo Basketball: Spartak and Cutelinho in the finals

Spartak (So Filipe) and Cutelinho (Mosteiros), the two best team in the Fogo regional championship, are now battling in the finals of the playoffs (best of 5) to determined the Fogo regional champions. The regular season champion is Spartak, and Cutelinho is the runner up.
In the first game, Spartak beat Cutelinho 86 to 75, taking a 1-0 lead in the series. The second game is programmed for this weekend, in the Simao Mendes Pavilion in the city of Sao Filipe.
The championship also included the participation of Lem, and Faxa da Terra, both teams from Sao Filipe.

The regional championship began in March, and is set to finish at the end of May.
Besides the regional championship, the Fogo Basketball Association, organized other activities; such as the Opening Tournament, and theSao Filipe cup,which Spartak won both.

from africabasket.com

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