21 April 2008

CAPE VERDE : Cape Verdean Basketball Federation establishes deadline to decide if the National Team will participate in the pre Olympic tournament

The Cape Verdean Basketball Federation has established a deadline of 15 days to decide if the National team (NT) will participate or not in the pre Olympic tournament, which will be disputed in Athens from 14 to the 29 of June.

It is that, with only two months before the start of the tournament, the members of the Federation still have not received any guarantees for the financing of the operation, which budgeted around 40 million Cape Verdean Escudos.

The NT which qualified for the pre Olympic tournament in Athens thanks to the third place finish in the AFROBASKET tournament Angola 2007, received, at the time, promises from supporters from various quadrants of the Cape Verdean society. But in the hour of truth, with only two months left before the start of the competition the Federation continues to struggle to see if it can represent the Country in this prestigious international competition of Basketball.
The Government had promised, when the team returned from Angola, all the necessary support for the participation in the pre Olympic tournament, but until this moment, the NT has only the guarantee of 2.500.000 Cape Verdean escudos which will be made available by the General Secretariat of Sports, in the contract of programs signed with the Federation.

The president of the Federation, Kitana Cabral said that they will try to convince the government to provide more substantial amount of money for the co-financing of the NT participation in the tournament.
Kitana Cabral continues on, and says that if the NT does not represent the country in the tournament, it will be a great shame for Cape Verde.

The president of the Basketball Federation guarantees, despite, that almost everything has been prepared for the participation of the NT in the tournament.

Meanwhile, the countrys national radio, RCV, reports that Ric and Cula will assume the command of the team, which was left abandoned by Emanuel Trovoada , who now coaches Desportivo de Huila in the Angolan championship.

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