31 December 2007

ANGOLA : 1º De Agosto Lead Luanda Provincial Championship

1º de Agosto's senior male team of basketball on Thursday here consolidated their leading of the Luanda Provincial Championship of this sport, by beating Inter Clube by 101-87, in a game that counts for the 14th round of the competition.

With this victory 1º de Agosto now have 28 points.

On a different game of this championship, Petro de Luanda had a difficult 51-55 win over Universidade Lusíada de Angola.
Petro de Luanda come second with 26 points.

The 15th round will start on Saturday, at 06:00 pm, in Cidadela Pavilion, with the top encounter between Petro de Luanda and 1º de Agosto.

1º de Agosto are the title holders of the provincial championship.

30 December 2007

TANZANIA : JKT hit UDSM Outsiders to secure semifinal ticket

DEFENDING champions JKT secured their semi-final ticket after beating UDSM Outsiders 96-67 in the KILI RBA quarter-final match at the Indoor Stadium in Dar es Salaam today. The victors started strongly and took a 27-12 lead at the first quarter.

They continued to reduce their opponent to novices and recorded a 56-31 lead at the breather. In the third quarter, JKT recorded yet another 74-48. JKT’s evergreen Charles Makene netted 31 points, while his team-mate Frank Kusiga scored 14 points.

UDSM Outsiders points were scored by Nyambasamba Lucas who managed 24 points as John Tungaraza scored 14 points. The day also saw Savio booking their ticket to semi-finals after beating Chang’ombe Boys 71-64. Savio posted a 19 -12 lead in the first quarter before stretching their lead to 35-24 at the break.
On resumption, Chang’ombe Boys came rejuvenated and took a 56-55 lead in the third quarter, but Savio finished more strongly in the last quarter to snatch a win. Savio’s Ally Mnyamani scored 20 points, while his team-mate Mohammed Yusuf netted 18 points. Adam Jegame and Kanyota Mugabe of Chang’ombe Boys scored 25 and 9 points respectively.

Another quarter final match pitted Vijana ‘City Bulls’ and Magereza, in which Vijana chalked a 74-40 win. Vijana’s Mohammed Ally was instrumental for his team’s victory as he netted 23 point, while his team mate John Mcharo managed to score eight points. The semi-final matches would be played at the same venue on Saturday.

TANZANIA : Oilers to be relegated?

By Bahati Mollel

Oilers basketball team of Mikocheni in Dar es Salaam is among five teams scrambling for a place in the game`s regional league known as RBA when the team plays in a mini-league that begins tomorrow at the indoor-national Stadium.

There are only two open slots being contested by the five teams.

Oilers, a team composed of intellectuals of the University of Dar es Salaam which in 2005 under coach Salehe Zonga, clinched the Super Cup championship, performed badly in this year`s RBA league resulting in its being slotted among five weak teams of which three are to be relegated.

Other teams that were elevated last season with the exception of JKT Mgulani, are likely to be relegated.

These are Jogoo, PT Stars and Don Bosco.

Acting Director of the game's technical committee, BD, Manase Zablon said the mini league would take one week and the two winning teams would join eight other league contenders.

He said the three relegated teams would join Srelio which twice failed to show up during the RBA matches and that these will have to wait until 2009 to participate in the Dream Cup which normally promotes four teams to RBA competitions.
He named the teams that are still in RBA basket which today play quarter finals as defending champions JKT, Savio, Tz. Prisons, UDSM Outsiders, Vijana, Chui, ABC and Chang'ombe Boyz.
In another development, National Indoor Stadium Manager, Mohamed Madenge barred from entry men and women teams that were to participate in group matches arguing that they hadn't paid cleaning fees.
Reports from some of the players have it that Madenge who locked himself inside the stadium, demanded the money to carry out cleaning exercises.

The problem was later resolved and they were allowed in.

EGYPT : The Egyptian league opening with no unexpected results

ll big teams had easy wins last night in Egyptian season opening .AHLY vs Damanhour 97-51.Zamalek Vs EL Giesh 80-67.Itthad vs Gasco 89-77.Also Somouha Vs Eastern co. 94-76.Sporting Vs Shams 93-73.

EGYPT : Gezira beats shorta 88- 79 after a 5 min. overtime

The Egyptian league started last night. Gezira passed Shorta by a miracle after Shorta player missed a free throw in the last second to take the game to overtime score was 70-70.Shorta proved that they will not be an easy team this season and showed a lot of resistance finishing the first half behind Gezira with 2 points 33-35.We expect that importing players this season will help the small teams to compete and will add a lot to Egyptian league. Khaled El Kadi (193-G-84)scored 12 points in the overtime saving his team from an unexpected defeat.

29 December 2007

EGYPT : Egyptian league 2007/2008 will begin tomorrow at the end of 2007

Before the end of the year 2007,Egyptian league for professionls will begin tomorrow at 6 P.M as Ahly with play with Alab Damenhor, Itthad Alexandria VS Gasco, Sporting with Shmas, Gezira VS Shorta also Zamalek with Geish and Smouha will play with Sharkia Dokhan.
Mr. Saber Hassanin said that the system of the last year will be the same this season 2007\2008 as the league will be 2 level :

The First one ; the results of junior and first team will determined the champion of this level then they restored the arrangement of the 12 team and choose the best 6 to begin the Second level.
The second level ; named super league as the best 6 team will play a league of 4 parts , the first and the second by back and forth system then the third will be a aggregation rounf in Alexandria and the last one will be in Cairo to announced the champion of the league 2007/2008.
-The federation decided to extend the period of foreign player registration till 15 january.

-Smouha , Zamalek , Gezira and Itthad club added foreign player in their team this year after the Egyptian federation decided to allowed foreign player to play in the Egyptian league this season as Smouha add Daymond forney , Zamalek add Marvin Black as he play in the final of Cairo and Geiza competion and Zamalek beat Alahly 83-73 also Gezira add Chris Garnett and Itthad add Dirick Franklen.
-AlAhly begin the season without stars as Ibrahim Elgamal will return after 3 monthes and Ibrahim abo Khadra beacause of injury, also Tarek ElGhannam after injured in the last game in front of Zamalek in the second quarter also Sherif Eldiadsty for polishing decision.

28 December 2007


The LIMO blows her 10th candle

An event that, organized the last weekend to the tray of the high school Charles MEFANE by the president of the league Migoveenne Felix AMBOUROUET ONANGA and his, regrouped four masculine teams of which SOMO B, winner to the forceps in finale owing INDEPENDENCE MEANS - Ogooue (58-57).
Even though he deplores the lack of interest and support of her eldest of the province " G3 " urgently, the president of the League of the Means - Ogooue (LIMO) the basketball, Felix AMBOUROUET ONANGA, has succeeds her contest: to organize the 10th birthday of the creation of the sporty structure that it directs for a long time.
This sporty event has been marked by a tournament that, qualified of good test of before season by the different technicians, regrouped four masculine teams of which SOMO B of Libreville that took winner's trophy with difficulty facing the heroic formation of INDEPENDENCE MEANS - Ogooue of Lambarene, final score 58 - 57.
Beyond of the result and the stake, this competition, appreciated by all participants, allowed trainers to size up the level of their different stables before the launching of the next elite championship that will organize the Federation Gabonese of Basket - Ball (FEGABAB).
“This tournament was the auspicious opportunity for teams to size up the level of their players that is going to take part to the next elite championship…” appraised Patrick RAPAUMBYA, coach.
The INDEPENDENCE MEANS - Ogooue met in two matches of semi-final equips him of TOUNGUI BB, to the match to go the score was 59-51, and to the rematch the score was 54-61; The INDEPENDENCE MEANS Ogooue took back it to the Gool - Average.
The team of SOMO B also beat partners of the captain Juste MOUSSAVOU of the team of the high school Charles MEFANE (LCM) on scores of 83-56 and 51-58.
The second meets was a lot more disputed, to 29 seconds of the end of the meeting, the two teams were to equality: 57 - 57; The challenger INDEPENDENCE MEANS Ogooue didn't know how to manage assaults of players of SOMO B, that quietly with the experience of their ALLOGHO trainer served, turned all her strength, duct by her Captain YOUNDOU Edwin. This last received the trophy of hands of the president of the League of the Middle Ogooue, Felix AMBOUROUET ONANGA.
He promised to start her sporty season 2007-2008 in January 2008; and rewarded also many sporty notably ex-presidents of Basketball Federation Gabonese who were present: Rock NZIENGUI -Antoine EMBINGA - Frederic NGOUMBA NZAMBA.
Ordering of the Tournament: 1st SOMO B (Libreville); 2nd INDEPENDENCE MEANS OGOOUE (Lambarene); 3rd TOUNGUI BB (Libreville); 4th L.C.M (Lambarene)
Here is the composition of teams that took part to this tournament of Lambarene.

TANZANIA : ABC Cruise Into RBA Quarters

ination let down Chang'ombe players as they tumbled in the third quarter to trail the leaders by 45-57 points.
ABC's Kavalambi and Batungi played impressively in yesterday's match to post 20 and 11 points each for their team's scoring kitty. Chanmg'ombe's Mohamed Mkani and Michael Kazimili scored 13 and 11points respectively.
Chang'ombe team are on tight corner to make the quarter final breakthrough as they need to win their last group match against Mgulani JKT on Saturday.
Chang'ombe's head coach Jaji Kisoga said his team's dismal performance in the league has been highly caused by poor exercise as contrasted to last season.
"We have never practiced seriously for lack of funds to pay fees for the TCC venue which we usually used to train in the past," said coach Kisoga.
In another match played at the same venue later in the evening, JKT Stars women team successfully beat Jeshi Stars by 56-52 points in a highly thrilling clash.
Up to the end of the opening quarter, the winners took a nine point lead having posted 20 points. At half time mark, JKT team extended their winning tally to 30 points as their opponents came as close as 26 points.

Dominant JKT Stars pinned down their opponents to end the third quarter with a wide margin of ten points as they posted 37 points. JKT's late rally nearly paid off in the final quarter but time proved not to be on their side as they crashed to an agonising four point loss.

The fixture show that Cargo Ladies are paired to clash against Don Bosco Lady Lions, PTW versus Jeshi Stars (men) and Chang'ombe Boys play Mgulani JKT on Saturday.

27 December 2007

EGYPT : Zamalek 83 Ahly 73

A good game from both team but bad from both fans especially Ahly fan. This is the game that a team lose it because of fans. After 3 quarter both Zamalek and Ahly team are equal, in the fouth quarter AlAhly fans play a great role to get their team lose the game in the last quarter as it still more than 4 minuter and the difference between Ahly and Zamalek 2 points (Ahly 61 Zamalek 63) the fans used fireworks and throw it on the land of the hall which make the referee account technical foul then the fans become more angry to make the referee account another 2 technical foul whick make Zamalek increase the score to (61-69) and the champion become nearer to the white citadel (Zamalek) and the team finish the game and win the champion of cairo and giza zone 83-73.

In the beginning of the second quarter Tarek El Ghannam get injured to make Al Ahly play with out another important in his team after injury of Ibrahim El Gamal in ElHariry champion last week also Ibrahim Abo Khadra and Sherif Eldiasty for polishing decision.
Also Marvin Black the new foreign playe in Zamalek show agood talents which expected to be an adding for Zamalek team in the league which will begin next saturday.

EGYPT : Ahly Beats Gezira 78-71 and faces Zamalek Tonight in the final of Cairo

Ahly overcame Gezira last night in a wonderful game. Until the last minute it was unknown who would be the winner. Ahly started by leading 25-12 but the 1st half ended 35-35 after Gezira players came back before the break.The 2nd half started with Gezira taking a 51-41 lead. But Ahly players showed a great fighting spirit with a very successful zone defense,finishing the game with a 78-71 victory.Tonight's final between Ahly and Zamalek should be a very strong game as both teams would like to start the season with a championship.

KENYA : Maseno's Otula Targets KBF's Chairmanship

Philip Onyango

Maseno Principal Paul Otula will vie for the post of national chairman during the Kenya Basketball Federation's elections on January 12.

Otula, who unsuccessfully vied for the same seat during the last elections, losing by a vote, says he wants the Government to ensure the elections are free and fair.

"It was very sad that some of us who were interested in taking the game to the next level were locked out during the last polls when some delegates had their mobile phones and identity cards confiscated, and where the incumbents insisted on the infamous show of hands instead of the secret ballots, a move which made several delegates shy away," Otula, who is also the coach of Maseno School, said.

Otula is the third candidate to declare his interest in the chairmanship after Henry Shihemi and International Christian Centre official Faustin Mghendi.

Agina Wasonga, the current chairman, will not defend his seat at the elections which are expected to be very competitive.

Branch elections

According to KBF secretary Henry Shihemi, branches are supposed to hold their elections on January 5 to select candidates for the national elections.
Meanwhile, national women's basketball coach Thomas "Smarts" Olumbo is appealing to clubs to take advantage of this transfer period to recruit youthful players who will then be injected into the national team for future assignments.

Olumbo said it was sad that some coaches were waiting for other clubs to nature talent before they recruit the players.

"There is a lot of talent among the youth which must first of all be identified then nurtured for Kenya basketball to move to the next level", Olumbo, who is also the Eagle Wings coach, said.

UGANDA : Mogas Falcons, KCC Leopards Reign in Unpredictable Season

by Sande Bashaija

THE battle between Nkumba Marines and Mogas Falcons for a play-offs slot caused lots of hullabaloo in the basketball fraternity but it was one of many things that made the 2007 season the most exciting in the recent past.

From the unpredictability of games to action on and off the court, the just concluded season proved basketball can get better in Uganda. Remarkably, for the first time since the league began in 1996, both defending champions (men and women) failed tomake the play-offs. Actually Nkumba University Marines and Lady Bucks both finished fifth on their respective tables.

Falcons silence critics

Marines were never ready to let go of their trophy without a fight. Their team manager Patrick Ssebuliba petitioned National Council of Sports (NCS), accusing Falcons of foul play.

Falcons had fielded Louis Habineza against Knight Riders, a player who had represented Rwanda's Espoir in the East and Central Club Championships in violation of the Fiba and Fuba rules. Falcons survived a points-deduction penalty and made the play-offs.

At this stage, Falcons had been struggling and few if any gave them chance of negotiating the semifinal play-off series against regular season champions UCU Canons. In a one-sided encounter, Canons routed Falcons 74-49 in Game One of the semifinals and the Mukono side looked poised to make the finals.

Olumbo too smart

Falcons team manager John Ssimbwa argued it was lack of technical assistance that led to his team's demise in the opening fixture and he was dead right. Kenyan coach Thomas 'Smarts' Olumbo made a surprise return to the team's bench and the rest was history. Falcons convincingly overturned the tables and booked a place in the final.

BEAUTIFUL AND GIFTED: KCC Leopards players led by thier team manager Joy Olinga (extreme right) receive a trophy and dummy cheque from league sponsors MTN last week. KCC were crowned champions after defeating A-1 Challenge 3-2 in the best of five final series. Photo by Sande Bashaija

But that wasn't the end of the fable. In the final, Falcons came up against a Warriors side that had whitewashed 2000 champions Sadolin Power in the semis. But they came from 2-0 down to win the best of five series 3-2 and lift their record sixth championship.

Leopards break jinx

After Agatha Baliddawa left for USA midseason, KCC Leopards were left with an unenviable task of winning a championship without one of their best players.

Baliddawa seemed irreplaceable following her splendid performance in the Zone 5 Inter Cities Championships in Nairobi in March where she was voted Most Valubale Player (MVP) and helped KCC to a second-place finish.

But in her absence, Dorothy Nakyirwowa and Sumin Nabatanzi stepped up their game for the Leopards to make up for last year's display that saw them go through the regular season unbeaten only to lose to Lady Bucks in the final. They eased past UCU in the semis but A-1 Challenge stretched them to the limit in the final for the Mayor's women to register a hard fought 3-2 series victory.

It was interesting seeing Julie Sabano coming off the bench to score 17 points, 12 from outside the arc, as the Leopards rallied to win Game four. "We have a trick to finish them (A-1 Challenge) off. They tried to mark our star players and Sabano shocked them," KCC treasurer Denis Karuhanga, said in praise of Sabano.

In KCC Leopards, Fuba has found a team that can compete for regional honours, like they did at the East and Central Club Championships in Kigali in September. A third place finish was good enough for team that lacked its best players.

Marines slump

Marines had a chance to become only the second team after Falcons to win three back-to-back titles but fluffed it. Failing to show up for the opening fixture against lowly Youth Heaters was a regrettable blunder. The two time champions were barred from playing the second round corresponding fixture, dropping a possible four points.
Had the Marines played that game, we would probably be having a different champion. And last season could be the last time we saw Marines contesting for a top four finish. Similar to the Marines demise, we saw the last of Blue Jackets and Sky Jammers as giant clubs and the death of Fuba administrator James 'Jordan' Abola was equally a big blow.

International Kirabo

Uganda had its worst outing in the history of the All Africa Games, winning only two medals (gold and bronze) courtesy of runner Moses Kipsiro and badminton star Edwin Ekiring.But the basketball fraternity scored highly with Peter Kirabo becoming the first Ugandan referee to officiate at the continental showpiece, when he was invited to the 9th edition in Algier, Algeria in July.

The Ugandan referee made a mark for himself and the country, officiating up to the semifinal stage. "I can't stop thanking God. I just couldn't believe it until I boarded the plane," the Fuba organizing secretary told Daily Monitor.

Uganda now boasts two international referees after Ethiopian Airlines sponsored Joseph Manano to attended a refereeing course in Addis Ababa in August. He passed with flying colours and has since officiated in all regional tournaments.

Statistics lacking

Several questions were raised after Fuba announced its top performers at Hotel Equatoria last week. "Honestly speaking my brother should have taken the award. He was consistent all season and I am surprised I have been given the award," Henry Malinga told Daily Monitor after receiving the topflight MVP accolade.

"Its good the award has come to our team but I think it should have gone to Eric (Malinga). He never missed any game and his contribution could be seen by everyone," Falcons team manager Ssimbwa echoed Henry's concerns.

Linda Tamale beat KCC Leopards teammate to the women's award, and this raised more debate. To avoid such confusion next season, Fuba must forthwith start keeping statistics.

It's equally boring for basketball reporters to keep on praising top scorers without recognizing defensive players. There are no assists, rebounds and blocks in basketball reports-this is unacceptable. Without statistics to back their selections, Fuba awards will always be questioned.

Reward only the best

Edmund Lumu stormed out of the awards ceremony after he was not recognised among the outstanding referees. " After all these years of dedicated service, I can't believe my name has been left out," Lumu, the former Fuba organising secretary complained.

As a neutral, there was no need of giving referees and different officials medals. Better the best performing referee or official is crowned the best in the year and given a bigger reward than partitioning it among people whose contribution could hardly be recognised.

All would have loved to see one individual being crowned referee of the year. Such an award would propel others to emulate them in the following year.


Despite their poor show in the league, Makerere Sparks collected women's accolades in the Falcons Invitational and Abe Linc tournaments respectively. Livingstone bagged their first ever silverware by winning the Abe Linc junior category while relegated Knight Riders picked a consolation in the seniors. Nonetheless Abe Linc organizers have a lot of work to do.


Most Valuable Players

DIV 1: Henry Malinga (Falcons)
DIV 2: P. Wakimwero (C. High)
Women: Linda Tamale(KCC)
DIV 3: A. Mugisha (Berkley)

Top scorers

DIV 1: Steve Okias (Warriors)
DIV 2: Michael Opolot (KCC)
Women: F. Nabulobi (Bucks)
DIV 3: William Odong (Berkley)

Most defensive teams

DIV 1: UCU Canons
DIV 2: Gulu Hawks
Women: A-1 Challenge
DIV 3: Sharing Youth

Most disciplined teams

DIV 1: Charging Rhino
DIV 2: Najja High School
Women: Victoria Lakers
DIV 3: St. Michael High School

26 December 2007

KENYA : KPA teams clinch rare league double


Kenya Ports Authority become the first team to win both the men’s and women’s national basketball league titles in one season in the 20 years of the championship.

Ethel Wakesho of KPA (right) dribbles under pressure from Eunice Auma of Telkom during a league match at NyayoNational Stadium. KPA won both the men’s and women’s league titles. Photo/MOHAMMED AMIN
KPA succeeded where other institutional teams such as the National Social Security Fund, Kenya Commercial Bank, Nairobi Posta, Barclays Bank and Kenya Railways failed despite previously entering men’s and women’s teams in the finals.

The national league was inaugurated in 1987 but until this year, no team had managed to clinch a double.

The ports men, who had won the first competition in 1987, emerged as the 2007 Division One league champions. They registered a 2-1 win over Telkom in the play-offs finals.

Both teams had locked 1-1 in the best-of-three series but KPA carried that day after winning the decisive Game Three 75-72. KPA and Telkom both qualified for promotion to the 2008 Premier League.

As if that was not enough, KPA women’s team, which had no opposition, also grabbed the cup by beating inexperienced Flames of the United States International University of Africa 2-0.

Flames, Eagle Wings and University of Nairobi’s Terrorists had showed determination to qualify for the post-season play-offs for the first time.

Fans had to wait in their terraces up to mid-night to witness KCB Lions, KPA Clubs crowned the 2007 champions.

The decisive Game Three matches had started late 7.30 pm after the venue had hosted a professional boxing contest.

The season, which got underway in April, was the most diluted than the past year’s with top teams pulling out at the last minute because of lack of sponsorship. It was the first time ever for both the previous men’s and women’s winners to fail to defend their titles.

Ulinzi Warriors and Telkom, who had won the 2006 championships, had to withdraw from the race leaving the competition without excitement.

Most of the players who turned out for Telkom were retrenched while Ulinzi broke up with a plan to start their respective unit teams within the Armed Forces.

Ulinzi Warriors had remained a power house on the local scene becoming the first side to win the league title five times in a row from 2002 to 2006.

In the absence of Ulinzi, KCB Lions got a chance to clinch their second crown after waiting for six years. Lions rocked Co-operative Bank 2-0 in the best-of-three series play-offs final. They had won their first title in 2001.

Other top clubs that missed out of the 2007 championship were Sprite Stormers and Nakuru Club and Coast Youth Club.

The season saw top players switch to other teams after the disbandment of their clubs than before.

International players such as Ancette Wafula, John Apollo, Moses Shida, Mike Olaka, Ben Mufutu, among others, were left with no option than to sign for new clubs such as Telkom, International Christian Centre and KPA to remain active.

A bulk of former Telkom players led by Joyce Makungu, Caroline “Majeng’’ Achieng, Eunice Ouma and Pamella Asige had to join newly formed Eagle Wings for the 2007 season. They guided Eagle Wings to the play-offs semi-final where they lost 2-0 to KPA.

Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) cracked a whip throwing out of the league three teams that had failed to pay participation fees of Sh25,000.

They are Nakuru Club, Blazers and Langata Crusaders. Chairman Agina Wesonga said running the league was expensive and they needed money to pay officiating referees and hiring of the venue.

After a long time, the men’s and women’s national teams were busy in the international championships where they performed well. The men’s side finished third in the Zone Five qualifying matches in Kigali, Rwanda.

Kenya finished fifth

Egypt emerged the winners to book a ticket to the All Africa Games that were staged in Algeria. The national women’s side won the Zone Five qualifier also to earn a ticket Algiers. Kenya finished fifth in the Pan African Games.

The local girls played eight matches, won five and lost three.

KBF chairman Agina Wesonga said Kenya had a good performance and only lost with a narrow margin to Senegal and Nigeria in their preliminary round matches. Senegal won the Pan Africa games gold medal. Later the women’s side participated in the Africa Cup in Dakar, Senegal.

Agina said Kenya finished last because of the inadequate preparations. “We got the tickets on the last day after having not been sure of traveling,’’ said Wesonga. Mali upset hosts Senegal to win the Cup and qualify to represent Africa in the Olympics. Angola will feature in the men’s tournament.

KPA failed to make an impact when they represented Kenya in the Africa club championship in Maputo, Mozambique.

The ports women finished eighth overall after losing 46-34 to Mali in the play-offs tie. National tournaments were a flop with top teams skipping the show due to lack of incentives to the winners.

Kenya hosted the FIBA-Africa instructors course in Nairobi where the international referees from English speaking countries were eligible to participate.

Vitalis Gode and Fred Awuor represented Kenya.

KBF chairman said the year was successful basing on the national women team’s good show in the Pan African Games and the Africa Cup.

He said younger players were given a chance to play for Kenya with three coming from Flames of the USIU-A.

“The exposure the girls got helped them guide Flames to the play-offs for the first time’’ said Wesonga.

Wesonga, who will not defend his seat in next month’s federation national elections said the Officials to be elected most be ready to sacrifice 100 perfect of their time and finances in order to succeed in running KBF.

25 December 2007

EGYPT : Ahly Vs Gezira in Cairo Championship tonight at 7.00 pm.

For the first time this season ahly and Gezira will meet tonight in Cairo stadium. The winner in tonight's game will keep in competition with Zamalek.Gezira got one chance tonight if they loose they will come third. Ahly lost Ibrahim EL GAMMAL in Hariry tournament last week who should have a knee surgery hopefully to reach this season. While Gezira might loose Ramy Genedy who is suffering from muscle pain

TANZANIA : JKT And Army Teams Set for RBA Replay

Suleiman Jongo

Title holders JKT Stars on Wednesday meets traditional rivals, Jeshi Stars in the Dar es Salaam Regional Basketball (Rba) women's Kili league at the indoor National Stadium.

Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD) official Manasseh Zablon said yesterday that the two teams clashed on Saturday at Chang'ombe ground but darkness washed out the tie.The Chang'ombe ground does not have floodlights to host night encounters.

During the captivating encounter the teams battled to 42 points apiece.

"The darkness was disappointing but the only option at hand right now is to replay it on Wednesday," he said.Darkness had also affected a match between Army Basketball Club (ABC) versus Chang'ombe Boys, also set for replay at the same venue and day.

When the ABC-Chang'ombe match was suspended after seven minutes of the third quarter, the former were leading by 35-21 points.

24 December 2007



NIGERIA : M.D. Abubakar lift Rookies trophy beat Raptors 56-46

M.D. Abubakar basketball club at the weekend defeated Raptors basketball by 56-46 points to lift this year Rookie Basketball Championship at the Nigeria Police College, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Raptors coached by erratic Charles Ibeziako scared the M.D. Abubakar boys when it won the first quarter by 21-19 points but carved in in the second quarter which ended 20-08 points to trail the M.D. Abubakar youthful side by 39-29 points at half-time.

The third quarter rather looked lack-luster as the M.D. Abubakar team won by 09-07 points, both sides continue their tight defensive play as the fourth quarter also provided a low score line of 10-08 points in favour the Raptors side but who succumbed by a 10 points margin.

M.D. Abubakar youthful point guard, Peter Odia kid brother of Nigeria Senior national team and University of Oregon guard, Churchill Odia was adjudged the week long championship Best-Player (MVP) while Tobechukwu Okafor won the most promising player award.

University of Lagos Girls defeated their Rookies counterpart 24-17 points to end the series 2-1.

Secretary of Lagos State Basketball Association, Uthman Ola-Okunnu, Luka Yakubu, Chairman of Chariot basketball club, Mr. Soga, Engr. Akinwande and Abimbola Faniran of Akofa Sports management outfit were among the dignitaries that grace the occasion.

KENYA : KPA in massive recruitment drive

By Dann O’were

National women basketball champions Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) have unveiled a massive recruitment drive for next year.

Team coach Anthony Ojukwu told SportFest that he has identified seven new players that will give him a head start since he plans to defend the national crown besides shaping up the side for continental campaign.

"I am currently shopping for new players. I want to blend the young and the experienced as I am doing a transition " said Ojukwu.

Ojukwu, who is also the national team coach, said he was happy with the achievements this year and will start preparing the girls early enough next year if the team is to do well in both fronts.

"Only getting started early will help the new players get into the system. I want to build a team that will be unbeatable in the region," he added.

KPA beat United States International University (USIU) 2-0 in the best of three series play offs finals to win their fifth title in eight years. Hehas reportedly added international Joyce Makungu to the team.

They also won the East and Central Africa Zone Five title in Kigali, Rwanda, an achievement that gave them a ticket to the continental club show in Maputo, Mozambique.

Elsewhere, Burundi will host next year,s Zone Five club championships, a top regional official has announced.

Vitalis Gode, the Zone Five secretary general, also disclosed that the show in Bujumbura, that will include all the top clubs in the region, must be held by August.

National men and women champions KCB Lions and KPA will lead Co-operative Bank of Kenya and USIU in the event.

While KCB, Co-op and KPA have played at the regional podium before, it will be the first outing for the students in the show that will include clubs from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ugand, Tanzania and Burundi.

Uganda has been given the mandate to organise the Junior Basketball Championships by April, with Rwanda and Ethiopia On standby.

UGANDA : Malinga, Tamale Get MVP Awards

Charles Mutebi

FALCONS star Henry Malinga expectedly walked away with the basketball Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in Kampala at the weekend.

Malinga beat his brother and teammate Eric to the division one title at the annual award ceremony of basketball governing body FUBA.

The women's award went to KCC Leopards' Linda Tamale who edged her colleague Becky Akullo.

The MVP award (men) in division two was taken by Crane High's Phillip Wakimwero while Andrew Mugisha took the division three crown.

FUBA also recognised Charging Rhinos as the most disciplined team and UCU Canons that scooped the award as the best defensive team.

Warriors Steven Okias, the top scorer in division, one was also rewarded.

ANGOLA . 1º De Agosto Coach Highlights Team

1º de Agosto's coach, Jaime Covilha, Saturday in Luanda said that the retrieval of the African cups winners cup after the 61-53 victory over Petro de Luanda, was due to the investment by the club's management.

Speaking to the press at the end of the game, the coach dedicate the victory to the players and 1º de Agosto's management, mainly the director for basketball, Silvio Lemos.

"Thanks to them we are champions, we have given a positive reply to the challenges of the managing board that has invested in the team with the goal of recovering lost titles".

1º de Agosto has thus won the competition for the third time.

22 December 2007

NIGERIA : Raptors battle M.D. Abubakar for Rookies' title

The final of the 2007 annual Rookie Basketball Championship hold today (Saturday) at the Nigeria Police College, Ikeja, Lagos with Raptors basketball club battling M.D. Abubakar Rookies for the U-18 boys title at 16.00 hours.

Both sides book a place in today's finals with victories over Jituboh Rookies and Flammers respectively in the semi-finals decided Friday evening.

M.D. Abubakar Rookies defeated Jituboh Rookies in the first semi-final by 49-43 points while Raptors subdued Flammers basketball club by 49-48 points in Over-Time after both had even scores at 39 points apiece at regulation time.

“We are glad to be in the finals declared Raptors head coach, Charles Ibeziako and promised that his boys will not disappoint in the final.

The former Memphis basketball coach, thumb-up Mark Balogun, initiator of the annual championship and call for more support for the competition which he described as the only leeway for youngsters to show case their raw talents.

I.G. Queens and UNILAG girls will slug it out in the third leg of their Best-of-3 series as both sides are tied at 1-1 same with the U-12 boys with UNILAG taking on the Police College Rookies in the third-leg of the series, Jituboh Rookies and Flammers will fight for the U-18 boy's third and fourth placement.

by Olusegun Ikuesan

RWANDA : APR fall to mighty ABC


Quarterfinal results

ABC 81-37 APR
Primiero 104-46 Onatra BC
Atletico 79-45 ASB Kauka
Interclube 65-56 Nig. Potters


Primiero Agosto v ABC
Petro Atletico v Interclube

APR’s run at this year’s Fiba-Africa Club Championships was halted when they were knocked out by Ivory Coast’s Abidjan Basketball Club at the quarter-final stage.

The 2005 champions shoved aside APR 81-37 to set up a semi-final clash with 2006 runner-up Primiero de Agosto. The Ivorians who finished second in Group B behind reigning champion Petro Atletico were on course from the first quarter.

After a 23-10 first quarter lead, ABC did not look back as they maintained their pace in the remaining three quarters 16-10, 15-04 and 27-13 which accumulated to 81-37 at the end of the game.

ABC’s Konate Stephane scored a game high15 points while Nigerian import Kevin Ninmol Nanbam added 14 points. Daniel Okwirry top scored for APR with 13 points.

In the other quarter-final clashes; all three Angolan giants Petro Atletico, Primiero de Agosto and Interclube progressed to the semi-finals.

Defending champions Petro preserved their unbeaten run with a 79-45 victory over DR.Congo’s ASB Kauka while Interclube secured a 65-56 victory over a fighting Niger Potters side.

The 2006 runner-up Primiero who paraded some of the best hands in African basketball for the tournament stopped ambitious BC Onatra (DRC) with a convincing 58 points margin.

Despite a spirited first quarter lead from the Congolese (21-18), the Angolan giants upped their game with convincing 30-06 and 31-05 wins in the second and third quarter to leave the score 82-29.

Renowned Angolan basketball talent Cipriano Olimpio poured in 18 points for Primiero. In the classification games, MBC of Guinea and ASPAC registered victories over Stade Malien and Ferroviario and will now contest for the 9th and 10th slots.

21 December 2007

TANZANIA : Oilers thump JKT Mgualani in basketball thriller

OILERS thumped JKT Mgulani 55-50 in a seesaw Kili RBA basketball match at the Indoor Stadium in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
The match started with a cracking pace as both side exchanged quick baskets. The victors took a narrow 8-7 lead in the first quarter but JKT Mgulani retreated and took the 22-21 lead at the break.
On resumption Oilers came strong to win the match. Pius Seni of and Gerrard Banu Oilers netted 16 and 12 points respectively, while Edmund Pastor and Yusuf Ally of Mgulani JKT’s scored 12 and 10 points respectively.
The day also saw Jogoo beating PT Stars 55-49. The winners started and finished strongly. They took 8- 6 lead at the first quarter before stretching their lead to 18-12 at the break. Jogoo’s William Muze netted nine points while Tibasaha Nonge of PT Stars was the highest scorer with 12 points.
The day also saw Srelio encounter Don Bosco in which the later won 55-52. Former champions Savio got a walk over after their opponents Magereza failed to show up.
The league resumed yesterday after it was put to a lull last weekend to pave the way for a meeting between leaders of the participating teams and the Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD), who discussed on various issues related on improving the sport in the region.
The league would continue tomorrow at the TCC Chang’ombe Club in Temeke with defending champions JKT taking on Don Bosco, while PT Stars will have a date with UDSM Outsiders.
The day would also see Srelio confronting Chui, while Tanzania Prisons will take on Jogoo.
Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD) Executive Director Mbaga Mwamboma said that the Ladies League would officially be launched at the same venue tomorrow.
“Preparations for the league are complete,” said Mwamboma. He said the opening match would pit JKT Stars and Jeshi.
The league was officially scheduled to throw off in October but was postponed for various technical reasons, including paving the way for the national league championships that was held in Dar es Salaam in October.
Some of the teams expected to compete in the league include Jeshi Stars, JKT Ladies and Cargo Ladies, Polisi Dar es Salaam, Magereza and Lady Lion.

from http://dailynews.habarileo.co.tz/sports/?id=2175

UGANDA : UCU, KIU Storm University games Finals

Revenge Will be on the agenda in the finals of the on going University games when Uganda Christian University Mukono who are the hosts take on arch rivals Kampala International University after the two sides defeated power houses Makerere and Nkumba in games played yester evening.UCU will look forward to edging their rivals after they lost to them in the semi finals of the UTL Invitational university games in October denying them the opportunity to retain the title.In the first semi, UCU humilated record champions and power house Makerere 101-86 in an exciting encouter watched by a big crowd.Makerere who were defending champions had a star- studded team which included Komakech Ben,Balemwa Richard,Tawoda Allan and Kariuki Micheal but could not rise to the occasion as they were outclassed by the hosts.In The second semi former giants Nkumba went down fighting in a closely contested game against an improved KIU to set up an eciting final to be played later on today.In the ladies category, UCU ladies led by former MVP and National team point guard Flavia Oketcho defeated kyambogo university by a narrow margin 51-44.Mariam Birungi(18 pts) was quite impeccable in her game but could lift kyambogo to a win.The other semi was more or less one sided with emerging powerhouse KIU thrashing defending champions Makerere university who were without point guuards Olivia Mulwana (-G) and Injured Carol Nantalo (-G),66-50 to set up a clash with UCU.The two teams met in the finals of the UTL Invitational university games and UCU had the edge.

ANGOLA : Three Teams in Semi-Final of African Cup

1º de Agosto, Petro de Luanda and Interclube have qualified for the semi-finals of the 22nd edition of the African basketball clubs winners by defeating their opponents on Thursday.

1º de Agosto beat BC Onatra, of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by 104-46, Petro beat ASB Kawca, of the DRC by 79-45 and Interclube beat Niger Pottrs, of Nigeria (65-56).

In another game of the round, ABC of Cote D'ivoire defeated APR of Rwanda by 81-37.

UGANDA : Falcons, Leopards to Be Crowned Tonight

Sande Bashaija

MOGAS Falcons, KCC Leopards and Crane High School will be officially crowned champions of the 2007 National Basketball League at Hotel Equatoria tonight.

Falcons won their sixth topflight championship with a 3-2 best of five series victory over Kyambogo Warriors, KCC Leopards defeated A-1Challenge by the same score to lift the women's trophy while Crane High School were 3-1 winners over Second Division giants KCC Lions.

The awards ceremony to be attended by over 150 guests is the first of its kind in Uganda's basketball history. "We are looking at improving every aspect of the game."

This function is aimed at rewarding the best performers in the just concluded league because they deserve it," basketball federation assistant general secretary Joseph Manano told Daily Monitor yesterday.
Falcons captain Eric Malinga, who was very outstanding in his team's comeback victory, is expected to be Most Valuable Player (MVP) whereas Leopards star point guard Becky Akullo is tipped to retain the women's crown.

Crane High School power forward Phillip Wakimwero, who averaged 20 points per game is a clear favourite in the Second Division.

Most disciplined players, officials, best defensive teams, referee of the year, among others, will also be rewarded tonight. Organisers have invited representatives from all league teams. League sponsors MTN are also bankrolling tonight's function.

20 December 2007

LIBERIA : Dream Team others grab wins

Dream Team last Monday grabbed her first win in the Liberia Basketball Federation national league. Dream Team whipped newly promoted Commissioners 63-51 points. Before that match, K-Deltas dragged SOS Trotters 96-15 points. The league continued last weekend. On friday December 14, former champions LPRC Oilers disgraced Commissioners with a 81- 46 points defeat. Earlier that day, Georgia Raptors defeated Road Runners 45-38 points in the third division while Fiamah United Brothers buried Star I 58-31 points. The league will take a two weeks break today for the Christmas

NIGERIA : Police Rookie tourney enter knock-out stage

The 2007 edition of the annual Nigeria Police Rookies Basketball Championship enter the knock-out stage Friday after a gruelling four-day preliminaries by the eleven teams that entered for the U-18 boys category.

Mark Balogun who is the initiator of the championship that has been running since 1992 who is an officier with the Nigeria Police and Head Coach of the Police Basketball teams, says, this year championship has been quite competitive with teams giving a good account of themselves in a bid to out play one another.

Balogun who spoke to www.fiba-afrique.org Correspondent in an exclusive chat after the buzzer shot Thursday signalling the end of the preliminaries at the Police College, Ikeja, Lagos, venue of the championship that he is proud to be associated with the development of basketball at the grassroot.

The Police Officer cum basketball tactician beleived that kids who are taking part in the championship this year are sure to make it big in the game in the nearer future.

"I am thrilled by the turn out and enthusiasm of the kids who have been deprive of any form of competition by the Nigeria basketball ruling body, NBBF and the Lagos State Basketball Association under whose constituency the players falls.

"I am proud to be contributing to the lives of these young players and I can say for sure that quite a number of them will take Nigeria and the World basketball scene by storm some-day just like those who have passed through this programme in the past.

Eleven teams entered for the U-18 boys category, two in the female cadre who have been programmed to play a best of three series and two U-12 boys who are also battling it out in a Best-3-Series with the finals holding on Saturday.

In the four quarter-finals lined up for Friday are group-A leader, M.D.Abubakar Rookies will take on C.B.C at 09.00 hours, group-A third place team UNILAG will slug it out with group-B runner-up Raptors at 10.00 hours, Jituboh Rookies who finished third in group-B will do battle against group-A runner-up Court Cruisers at 11.00 hours, while the last quarter-final pairing will see group-B leader Flammers against NAF Rockets at Noon.

The semi-finals will also hold same Friday.

NIGERIA : Premier League scheduled to start February

The Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) have scheduled the Premier League to take the first shot in February 2008. The announcement follows the board meeting held December 15th in Abuja.

FIBA.COM learned that even though the board was working towards getting different levels of sponsorship for the league within that period, it resolved that the league will commence as scheduled with or without any corporate sponsorship.

"The decision on the league is clear. The league will start in February and we are already drawing up a timetable for the league and the schedule for the entire 2008 events will be released in due course," the NBBF League Director Muktar 'Malone' Khaleh told FIBA.

"So even if we are able to get 10 sponsors they will join us later and the league gets better. But we cannot afford to wait any longer. We are on course and if nothing is finalised by the schduled date we'll find another way of raising the needed cash to run the championship."

No exact date in February has been given as we gathered that choosing the exact date will depend on a number of other matters especially reaching out to all stakeholders.

If the league is able to start as schduled, it will end the long wait for teams as no full league has been played since their former sponsors Vmobile (now Celtel) pulled out of sports sponsorship after the 2006 season.

Last September the NBBF had to organise abridged leagues in the Savannah and Atlantic Conferences to enable them select their continental representatives.

FIBA.COM also gathered that the Federation may be able to secure two sponsors for the Premier League which will include a separate television rights package for the league.

The search for sponsorship is limited to the men's event as Zenith Bank remains the sponsors of the female league.

We also learnt that the NBBF and their women's league sponsors are hoping to expand the partnership and the league before the next season commences based on a long term relationship.

By Pius Ayinor

TANZANIA : JKT Mgulani face Oilers in RBA League

THE KILI RBA League resumes today at the Indoor Stadium in Dar es Salaam with four matches on the menu.
The league was put to a lull last weekend to pave way for a meeting between leaders of the participating teams and the Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD) who discussed various issues on ways of improving the sport in the region.
According to a revised fixture released by the BD Executive Director, Mbaga Mwamboma yesterday, Mgulani JKT would confront Oilers in an early morning match before SRELIO take on Don Bosco in the second match.
In the afternoon, PT Stars will face Jogoo, while former champions Savio will entertain Tanzania Prisons.
The league would continue on Saturday at the TCC Chang'ombe Club in Temeke with defending champions JKT taking on Don Bosco, while PT Stars will have a date with UDSM Outsiders.
The day would also see SRELIO confronting Chui, while Tanzania Prisons will take on Jogoo.
Mwamboma said that the Ladies League would officially be launched at the TCC at the same venue on Saturday.
"Preparations for the league to throw off are complete," said Mwamboma. He said the opening match would pit JKT Stars and Jeshi.
The league was officially scheduled to throw off in October but was postponed for various technical reasons, including paving the way for the national league championships that was held in Dar es Salaam in October.
Some of the teams expected to compete in the league include Jeshi Stars, JKT Ladies, Cargo Ladies, Polisi Dar es Salaam, Magereza and Lady Lion.

RWANDA : Students Contest in B-Ball Talent Search Tourney

Timothy Muvunyi

One hundred and seventy students contested in the second edition of the basketball talent search tournament at Amahoro stadium.

The two-day tournament, which was held on December 15-16, ended a two week training camp bringing the best players from each of the six camps to contest for selection to join the national junior team. The training camp was conducted by 20 level one coaches.

Players were teamed according to their training camp site making up ten teams of which two were for girls.

Teams included Remera and Rafiki (girls) while the boys' teams included Kimisagara, Rafiki, Butare, Gisenyi, Rubirizi, Remera and Kacyiru. Remera had two male teams A and B.

Remera had 35 players altogether, Rafiki had 26, Rubirizi 17, Kimisagara 17, Gisenyi 17, Butare 15 and Kacyiru had 23 players.
Kimisagara males dominated the two day tournament after going unbeaten in all three contests.

They (Kimisagara) beat Remera A 26-23, won Kacyiru 40-27 and edged Rafiki 46-33. Rafiki boys later secured second place after winning two matches against Rubirizi on 30-23 and Butare on 42-27; the girls beat Remera 12-11.

Kacyiru emerge third by winning Remera B 26-21 and edging Butare 60-55.

RWANDA : APR into Quarters

Julius Mbaraga

When pushed into a tight corner, by nature's instinct you come up with the results and it's what the zone V representatives at the on going 22nd Fiba-Africa club championships APR did.

Rwandan military basketball side APR produced the results when it mattered most to book their place in the quarterfinals after beating MBC of Guinea 72-55 in Angola's second city Cabinda.
With increasing uncertainty after a poor run of form (one win in four games), the zone v champions and Rwanda's first ever representatives at the championships stepped up their game to secure the all important result.
APR's victory coupled with DRC's Kauka 57-89 defeat against Interclube left the trio (APR, MBC and Kauka) level with seven points.
With secure slots for the 2006 finalists Primiero de Agosto and Interclube, APR and Kauka claimed the final two remaining quarter-final slots from Group A.

Primiero finished on top of Group A with ten points.

In Group B, defending champions Petro Atletico became the first club to progress to the quarters after a 78-64 win over fellow contenders Abidjan Basketball Club (ABC).
The victory maintained Petro's lead at the top of the group with 10 points.
Despite the defeat, ABC finished second with nine points while Niger Potters and BC Onatra finished third and four with eight and seven points respectively.
Quarter-finals action throws off today in Angola's capital, Luanda.


From Group A (Primiero de Agosto, Interclube, APR and Kauka).

From Group B (Petro Atletico, ABC, Niger Potters and BC Onatra)

Day 5 results

Group A
APR 72-55 MBC
Primiero 93-50 ASPAC
Interclube 89-57 Kauka

Group B
Atletico 78-64 ABC
Ferroviario 41-75 BC Onatra
Niger Potters 73- 68 Stade Malien

GHANA : All Set for Choice Ball 2007

by Kofi Owusu Aduonum

Choice FM is set to once again hold its annual inter-school's basketball competition on December 24 at the Aviation Social Centre in Accra. As part of its effort at promoting the "lesser known sports" in Ghana, Choice 102.3 FM in 2003 instituted an annual basketball competition for second - cycle institutions in the country.

Over the past few years, this initiative has enjoyed tremendous patronage with a record of abut 5000 participants during last year's event (2006). This year a larger crowd is expected as the competition continues to grow.

Traditionally, prizes will be awarded to teams that perform well, individuals who excel during the competition, as well as a special prize for the schools with the highest level of discipline (as a way of enforcing the campaign for greater discipline in society). Also a special all star team will be formed consisting of players of the various schools who put up exceptional performances and this team will help promote the sport by engaging in games across the country and beyond.

After the tournament, there will be an entertainment package for the teams and their supporters at the same venue. Choice Fm finest Dj's such as DJ Kwame, Master J and DJ Adviser and Michael Offei together with all the station's crew are expected to grace the occasion.

19 December 2007

ANGOLA : Petro put dent in armor of ABC

HUAMBO (FIBA Africa Champions Cup) - Petro Atletico de Luanda handed Abidjan Basketball Club (ABC) their first defeat at the FIBA Africa Champions Cup on Tuesday.

The Angolans beat the Ivory Coast champions 78-64 to wrap up their Group B campaign in Huambo at 5-0.

Angolan international Eduardo Mingas and American Shannon Crooks scored 20 and 15 points, respectively, for the Angolan outfit, who led 40-37 at the break but pulled away in the second half.

ABC's Ninmol Nanban and Konate Stephane responded with 14 and 13 points, each.

Niger Potters forward Stanley Gumut helped his team reach the knockout stage after high-scoring 18 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in his team's 73-68 Group B win over Stade Malien, who had led 28-27 at the break.

Potters' Abubakar Usman contributed 16 points, six assists and three rebounds while Stade Malien's Mahamadou Tangara finished with 14.

This was the fifth consecutive defeat for the Mali outfit in five games, and they will play the classification stage in Cabinda.

Niger Potters came third in the group with eight points after losing to powerhouses Petro Atletico and ABC.

Still in Huambo, Presta Malemba poured in 26 points for BC Onatra to fire them past Mozambican outfit Ferroviario da Beira 75-41.

At the break, the Democratic Republic of Congo team led 39-19.

Ferroviario's Armando Baptista scored 16 points, but couldn't help the Mozambican team qualify for the knockout stage.

Ferroviario's coach Jose Delfino said: "In the first half, BC Onatra had too many fast breaks with a numeric advantage which led to our defeat."

With this triumph, BC Onatra became the fourth team of Group B to qualify for the knockout stage.

Aspac's Quenum Romaric had in 20 points and nine rebounds but his team was thrashed by Angolan giants Primeiro de Agosto by 93-50.

Mayzer Alexandre led the Angolan team with 18 points and five rebounds.

Aspac end the group stage with five defeats in as many games.

In the last Group B game, MBC of Guinea Conakry lost the chance to qualify for the next round after falling 72-55 to APR of Rwanda, who ended the group stage with seven points, the same as MBC.

Petro Atletico de Luanda finished top of the group with 10 points - one more than ABC.

Niger Potters came in third with eight points and BC Onatra fourth with seven points. Ferroviario da Beira were fifth with six points, one more than Stade Malien, who lost all five of their games.

In the northern Angolan city of Cabinda, InterClube de Luanda's Vicente top-scored with 18 points and helped his team defeat ASB Kauka Democratic Republic of Congo 89-57 on Tuesday.

At half-time, InterClube de Luanda - the 2005 FIBA Africa Champions Cup runners-up - led 42-21.

The ASB Kauka pair of Buzango Mulamba and Buzango Tumba scored 19 and 15 points, respectively, but they suffered their third defeat in five games.

InterClube de Luanda ended group play with nine points and 4-1 record after losing to their Angolan rivals, Primeiro de Agosto.

The quarter-finals will be played in Angola's capital city, Luanda.

Quarter-final draw: BC Onatra of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) v Primeiro de Agosto, ASB Kauka of DRC face Petro Atletico de Luanda, Niger Potters v InterClube de Luanda, APR of Rwanda v v ABC.

EGYPT : Zamalek keeping their winning spirit beats Gezira 83-72

Last night in Cairo Championship Zamalek kept their winning spirit and controlled the game to win easily over Gezira 83-72.Samir Gouda, Haisam El saied, El hoeseny Samir,played with a great confidence helping their team to win more than 10 points. Gezira players disappointed their fans showing a very bad start for the new season. No imported players participated in last night game as both coaches didn't made a decision in the players yet. games will be continued on the 24th after adha feast.

ZIMBABWE : Four-Nation Basketball Tourney Bursts Into Life

Paul Munyuki

THE sixth edition of the four-nation basketball tournament featuring Namibia, Botswana Zambia and Zimbabwe bursts into life at the City Sports today with the hosts upbeat about their chances of winning the championships.

Men and women's teams from the four nations are expected to take part in the three-day competition dubbed the Zinaboza tournament.

Zambia hosted the previous two editions of the games and this year the Basketball Association of Zimbabwe took it upon themselves to host the tournament.

The games will be played on a round-robin basis as there are only four teams in each of the categories.

By yesterday, all the teams had confirmed their participation and BUZ tournament co-ordinator and administrator Simon Lawson said preparations were at an advanced stage.

"All the teams have confirmed their participation for the games and we are expecting the visitors to be in the country by this evening (last night) as the games are starting on Wednesday afternoon.

"The games will be at the City Sports Centre and will be running from 12noon until around 9.30pm for the three days," said Lawson.
The Zimbabwe teams went into full camp yesterday but the women's preparations were affected by the absence of some of their players who were on tour in South Africa with JBC.

The six national team players who travelled with JBC are Sibongile Mkandla, Juliet Misihairabwi, Fadzai Mabasa, Isabel Tengende and Varsity's Alex Maseko who travelled as a guest player.

"The women's camp started a bit late because there are some players who had travelled to South Africa with JBC but they are back now and everything is going on well and the final teams will be named before the games start," said Lawson.

UGANDA : Mubs Rout Bugema

Douglas D. Bugingo

Bernard Okumu and Ibrahim Jeff spurred Makerere University Business School (Mubs) to a 120-76 rout over Bugema University in men's basketball at the ongoing Inter University games in Mukono.
Okumu, who was suspended from the National Basketball League for violating transfer rules, scored a game high 30 points while Jeff added 24.


Basketball (men)
Mubs 120-76 Bugema
Ndejje 80-53 MUST

18 December 2007

RWANDA : APR in a Must Win

Julius Mbaraga

APR is set to play its biggest game of this year's Fiba-Africa club championships this evening when it takes on MBC of Guinea in Cabinda, Angola.

After defeats against Group A heavy weights Primiero de Agosto, Interclube and DR. Congo's ASB Kauka and registering just one win against ASPAC of Benin, the zone v champions have to win today's tie if they are to have any chances of progressing to the knock-out stages.

Although defeats against Primiero and Interclube looked imminent, APR's 53-61 defeat against ASB Kauka could be avoided according to Cliff Owuor's initial prediction.

According to the APR coach, his side had a good chance against ASPAC, Kauka and MBC.

"With the exception of Primiero and Interclube, APR has a good chance against ASPAC, Kauka and MBC," he said before the team's departure to Angola.

Meanwhile, APR has dropped to fifth place in Group A after MBC's win over ASPAC of Benin.

APR and Kauka are level on points (four) but the latter is fourth following a superior game average.

In Group B, defending champions Petro Atletico, Abidjan basketball club, Nigeria's Niger Potters and Ferroviario Beira of Mozambique are the likely clubs to advance to the knock-out stages.
APR qualified for the championships after finishing top of the zone v club competitions that attracted clubs from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Ethiopia among others.


APR vs MBC (Cabinda)

17 December 2007

EGYPT : ZAMALEK facing GEZIRA in Cairo tonight 5.30 pm

First Big teams face to face this season will start tonight in Cairo Finals . ZAMALEK after a big win in Damascus got the winning spirit while Gezira needing this win to prove that they are not the same team who lost every thing last season. Tonight's game will be a good chance for both coaches to watch their players and prepare for the regular season of 2008-2009 which will start in the 1st of Jan.2008.

RWANDA : More Misery for APR

Julius Mbaraga

After going down 53-61 against DR. Congo's ASB Kauka on Saturday, APR's chances of reaching the knock-out stages of the on-going Fiba-Africa club championships in Angola look as slim as they were meant to be.

The zone five champions got their maiden appearance at the African championship with a 53-77 loss against Group A 'heavy weights' Interclube (Angola) but they bounced back with a 60-51 win over ASPAC of Benin on Day two.

Cliff Owuor's side started off well and after two quaters, the two sides were level on 29 points, however, in the final two quarters, the Congolese broke away to register their first win of the tournament and inflict more misery in the APR camp.

In the other group results, Interclube and Primiero de Agosto cruised to easy wins against ASPAC and MBC to stay top of the group.

Interclube registered a 94-46 win over ASPAC while Primiero rallied to a 92-59 victory over MBC.

After Saturday's results, APR were in third place with four points, one short of group leaders Interclube.
2006 reigning champions Primiero de Agosto have four points but are placed second because they have a game in hand and have not dropped any points yet.

In Group B, defending champions Petro Atletico ousted Mali's Stade Malien 74-42 to stay top of the group with six points from three games.
Ivory Coast's Abidjan basketball club follows in second spot with four points.
DR.Congo's other representatives Onatra and Stade Malien are at the foot of the group after failing to win a game in their first two ties.
APR returns to action today against Primiero in their second last group fixture.

UGANDA : Raiders Take Abe Linc Title

Charles Mutebi

IVAN Enabu scored a game-high 21 points as the Knight Riders won the 2007 Abraham Lincoln (Abe Linc) basketball tournament Friday night.

The Riders overcame a four point gap at the end of the third quarter, scoring fourteen points in the last to claim the annual season-ender with a 56-50 defeat of Miracle at YMCA .

Miracle started the better side to take an 8-2 lead in the first quarter but before they could run away with it, the Riders kicked into gear to finish it 12-14 behind.

It was level at 27 all at halftime but Miracle made their physical presence count to reclaim the lead at the end of the third quarter. That was as close as they came though as the Riders superior ball handling and pace, epitomised by MVP Enabu, swung the tie into the Riders' favour.

"After being relegated from the (men's) first division, this victory is a bit of consolation for sus," Knight Raiders Captain Collin Mukiza said.

UGANDA : Akullo in Line for MVP Award As KCC Grab Title

Charles Mutebi

KCC Leopards star Becky Akullo leads a group of three nominees for the 2007 women's MVP (most valuable player) award. The basketball governing body FUBA will announce the winner at their end of year awards ceremony in Kampala on Friday.

But Linda Tamale and Hamala Miriam, her teammates and competing nominees, pose the collective threat of a water gun to an AK47 wielding soldier.

But winning the award will only be befitting for the KCC Leopards' lead point guard Akullo after a season in which she led the team to the 2007 national women's championship.

But while Leopards' maiden title success might have sparked joy unconfined for all with connections to City Council, Akullo was reflecting on the attainment of her second.

"It felt really good to finish the season as winners," adding, "It hurts to go empty handed after working hard for an entire year," she explained.

In 2003, the 24-year-old won her maiden national crown with the Makerere Sparks but the distinction in her contribution to the two conquests couldn't be more detached.

Then, she was a bit part player, whose presence on or absence from the team meant little to the bottom-line.

But Akullo's contribution to this year's champions has been immense.

On top of dictating the rhythm of her team's play throughout the season, she threatened to turn the production of game-high scores into a cast of one.

Slim and sleek, the left hander has maintained a lethal presence in Ugandan women's basketball for two consecutive seasons.

Many contend that Akullo was in better form last year even though Leopards failed to win the title.

Ironically, she had helped her team win all in the league but their four losses came in the playoffs, including the three in the finals that handed the title to the Lady Bucks.

Ultimately as a token of consolation, Uganda Sports Press Association voted her the best basketball player of the year.

Although Akullo doesn't wholly deny the allegation of a slump in individual form, she argues that another element of her game had to prevail.

"This year I realized that playing as team makes the unit stronger as it keeps everyone active," she responds.

And who can argue with a champion?

Over time, Akullo has developed a profound knack for quick success.

In 1998 she won the girl's national secondary schools Sprite tournament with Nabumali.

But that is not merely remarkable as the fact that the senior three student had begun learning the game that very year.

Her first championship came only two years into her time with the Sparks.

But she left the Makerere University-based team to join the Leopards after attaining a degree in tourism the following year.

Leopards finished fourth in their season debut, signalling a warning to whoever cared to notice. But that message clearly went unheeded as Leopards completed the league with a perfect winning record the season after.

But unlike 2006 when their rivals proved to the Leopards that an imperious league show can count for nothing in the playoffs, Akullo reveals they were determined to crown their league dominance by winning the national championship.

"Last year we lost because we had become complacent due to our league performances," she says.
Three quarters of the Leopards are former teammates of the KCC netball team and that cohesion only strengthened the winning formula that owes much to the inclusion of Akullo, Tamale and Hamala, the three squad players with no netball history.
Akullo herself hails from Lira as the first child of her mother's two siblings. Born to Langi parents, she spent her childhood in Mbale, where she completed her primary and secondary education before joining Makerere University in 2002.

Off the court, she works for a private firm.
Akullo is looking forward to Friday's awards ceremony with hope of being named FUBA MVP.

16 December 2007

KENYA : All Set for Jamhuri Day Cup

by Philip Onyango

The Kenya Basketball Federation calendar of events concludes this weekend when teams from across the country converge on the KPA Hall Makande for the Jamhuri Day Cup.

The annual tournament will see top basketball teams renew their rivalry after the conclusion of the basketball league season which saw KCB men and KPA women teams win the national classic basketball league titles, while KPA men won the division one title.

The KBF national vice-chairman, Henry Shihemi on Friday confirmed that at least 20 teams would be in Mombasa for the event.

Among the teams which had confirmed are Sprite Storms who will be renewing their rivalry with KPA whom they beat in the both legs of the national classic league title.
Others are Barclays Bank, Kenya Airport Authority, KPA men, and Cooperative bank of Kenya, Mombasa High School and Mombasa Sports Club.
Other teams include Changamwe Rollers, Makupa Lakers, Buxton Hawks and Makande rebels.

Achien'g top in US

Shihemi has in the meantime appealed to teams to report early enough for the draws and allocation of courts.

Meanwhile, Shihemi has praised national team forward Josephine Achieng for her achievement in the National Association Inter-collegiate games (NAIA) in America where she is currently top in the field goal percentage.

Shihemi, Achien'gs performance was a clear indication that the basketball standards were high in Kenya despite the note so good performance at international level.
Owino who plays and studies at union University in Tennessee has .703 field goal percentages in the current season and is currently ranked first in America college games.

The 6,4ft tall former Mombasa High School centre is also second in blocks percentage at 2.9, sixth in points per game at 21.5 and is ranked 14 in total rebounds per game at 8.9.

Her college team, Union University Lady Bulldogs started the season on a clean sheet winning all the 13 NAIA league matches played so far according NAIA statistics released early this week.

TANZANIA : BD Seeks Views On RBA

Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD) today meets all clubs featuring in the regional basketball league (RBA).

BD managing director Mbaga Mwamboma said yesterday that the meeting will discuss the development of the RBA league and review the stage so far reached.

"There are lots of things on which BD wishes to share ideas with the clubs,' he said, noting that their contribution would help the association improve the running of the league.

Mbaga cited the poor start of some leading sides in the league, asserting that this was caused by poor preparations and changes of venue.

"Several times the venues were changed and because of disturbances, while players tired as they played on grounds that have poor standard," he said.

The ladies version of the Kili RBA previously scheduled to start today has been postponed to December 22, he said.

The tournament was postponed as Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) officials were upcountry and they unable to attend the kick off, he said.

Kilimanjaro premium lager operative Oscar Shelukindo, the brand manager, was not in the city and the tournament couldn't start without his being present, he further noted.

JKT Stars are defending champions in the Kili RBA league. Other sides in the women league are Jeshi Stars, PTW Stars, Don Bosco Lionesses, Cargo Ladies, Police Dar es Salaam and CMTU.

15 December 2007

TANZANIA : KILI RBA ladies league starts next week

AFTER two months of delay the 2007 KILI RBA Ladies League would officially be launched at the TCC Chang’ombe courts in Dar es Salaam next Saturday. The Executive Director of the Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD), Mbaga Mwamboma, said yesterday that preparations for the league to start are complete.

He said the fixtures would be out mid next week. The league was officially scheduled to throw off in October but was postponed for various technical reasons, including paving the way for the national league championships that was held in Dar es Salaam in October.

Some of the teams expected to compete in the league include Jeshi Stars, JKT Ladies, Cargo Ladies, Polisi Dar es Salaam, Magereza and Lady Lion. Meanwhile, Mwamboma said the KILI RBA men’s league matches that were planned for today at the Indoor Stadium have been postponed to next week.

He said the day has been reserved for a meeting between the leaders of the participarting teams and the BD. Three matches were lined up today including the match between Mgulani JKT and Oilers. SRELIO had a date with Don Bosco, while PT Stars were scheduled to play Jogoo.

The league would resume tomorrow with two matches on the menu at same venue. The day would see former champions Savio taking on Tanzania Prisons, while Vijana ‘City Bulls’ would confront SRELIO.

KENYA : All set for Jamhuri Day Cup

The Kenya Basketball Federation calendar of events concludes this weekend when teams from across the country converge on the KPA Hall Makande for the Jamhuri Day Cup.

The annual tournament will see top basketball teams renew their rivalry after the conclusion of the basketball league season which saw KCB men and KPA women teams win the national classic basketball league titles, while KPA men won the division one title.

The KBF national vice-chairman, Henry Shihemi on Friday confirmed that at least 20 teams would be in Mombasa for the event.

Among the teams which had confirmed are Sprite Storms who will be renewing their rivalry with KPA whom they beat in the both legs of the national classic league title.

Others are Barclays Bank, Kenya Airport Authority, KPA men, and Cooperative bank of Kenya, Mombasa High School and Mombasa Sports Club.

Other teams include Changamwe Rollers, Makupa Lakers, Buxton Hawks and Makande rebels.

Achien'g top in US

Shihemi has in the meantime appealed to teams to report early enough for the draws and allocation of courts.

Meanwhile, Shihemi has praised national team forward Josephine Achieng for her achievement in the National Association Inter-collegiate games (NAIA) in America where she is currently top in the field goal percentage.

Shihemi, Achien'gs performance was a clear indication that the basketball standards were high in Kenya despite the note so good performance at international level.

Owino who plays and studies at union University in Tennessee has .703 field goal percentages in the current season and is currently ranked first in America college games.

The 6,4ft tall former Mombasa High School centre is also second in blocks percentage at 2.9, sixth in points per game at 21.5 and is ranked 14 in total rebounds per game at 8.9.

Her college team, Union University Lady Bulldogs started the season on a clean sheet winning all the 13 NAIA league matches played so far according NAIA statistics released early this week.

EGYPT : Riyadi Champions of Hariri after a hard win over Ahly 85-80

Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut (with a back to back )win the Title of Hariri Tournament after beating Al Ahly for the third consecutive year in the final. score was 85-80 . The game was full of intensity , the first half was a close and Riyadi couldn't build a comfortable lead due to the fighting spirit of the Egyptians .The first Half finished on the score of 48-39.El riyady played with three professionals while Ahly didn't have any.No Egyptian team beated riyadi for the last three years.

RWANDA : False Start for APR

Julius Mbaraga

APR basketball club started their debut campaign at this year's Fiba-Africa club championships with a 53-77 defeat Angola's Interclube on Thursday.

Despite a spirited fight from the zone v champions, Interclube's vast experience coupled with the home support was enough to earn the home club maximum points.

In the other day's results, reigning champions Petro Atletico rallied to a 85-52 victory over DR Cogo's Onatra while 2005 champions Abidjan basketball club (ABC) hammered Mozambique's Ferroviario 89-22.

ABC gave no respite to their opponents as they dominated all the four quarters 25-4; 16-4; 25-8 and 23-6 respectively. The game between ASB Kauka -Primero de Agosto was postponed to December 16.

According to reports from Fiba-Africa, the tie was postponed due to some technical constraints coupled with ASB's late arrival in Angola. This year's edition has attracted twelve clubs seeded in two groups.

Group A includes Primero de Agosto, Interclube, APR, ASB Kauka, MBC of Guinea and ASPAC basketball club of Benin while Group B comprises of defending champions Petro Atletico, ABC, Niger Potters, Onatra, Ferroviario and Four clubs from each group progress to the knock-out stages and APR know that they have win atleast two games to make it to this stage.

Petro Atletico won the 2006 title in Lagos after subduing arch rival Primero de Agosto in a grand finale.

Day 1 results

APR 53-77 Interclube

ABC 89-22 Ferroviario

Onatra 52-85 Petro Atletico

14 December 2007

LIBERIA : League kicks off

The 2007-08 national league of the Liberia Basketball Federation kicked off last Tuesday December 11, 2007 in the capital Monrovia. In the opening match, SOS Trotters fell to Island Calves 35-55 points. on December 12, Habel Pointers pinned Barnesville Celtic 70-69 points in a highly compelitive match in the second division. In the female division, former champions Phoenix dragged Survivors 63-38 points. On December 13, Cestor Mogars managed a54-52 points win over Flip Stars and in a female chase, Rockers Angels Shooters buried Supreme sisters 63-37 points. The league will continue over the week end

CAPE VERDE : The road to Beijing for CV's men's basketball team goes through Greece.

The FIBA Central Board announced Monday that Athens, Greece will play host to the Olympic qualifying tournament July 14 - 20, 2008 at OAKA Sports Arena.

The Cape Verdeans are very excited about the opportunity to qualify for the 2008 Olympics,
This year's successful finish in the FIBA Africa tournament, was the first step in the
CV's Team journey to qualify for the Olympics for the first time since.
Cape Verde placed third at the African tournament and will join Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Korea, Lebanon, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Slovenia at the qualifying event, with three Olympic berths on the line.
The opportunity to go to Athens to compete for an olympic birth, is a major step in the
development of the Cape Verde mens basketball team. The Cape Verdians currently have athletes competing in four different countries around the world, honing their skills internationally to come together next summer and fight for an Olympic berth."

The formal draw to determine the four groups for the tournament will take place on Jan. 31, 2008 in Athens, Greece.

UGANDA : Falcons comeback rewarded

by James Ssekandi


MOGAS Falcons yesterday received their uganda telecom Uspa award for the month of November. The Falcons completed a comeback series win over Warriors to capture their sixth Fuba Basketball League title.

Uganda telecom Communications Manager Mark Kaheru presented the award to Falcons team captain Eric Malinga and team manager Sam Ssimbwa.

“We had the experience, strong character and team work to come back into the series having gone two games down,” said Malinga.

Angola: Friday's Fixtures

The African clubs champions basketball cup, in males category, will proceed this Friday, in Huambo City, at Osvaldo Serra Van-Dunem pavilion, with the matches listed below.
BC Onatra of the DRC x Niger Potters of Nigeria Petro de Luanda x Stade Malien of Mali.
Meanwhile, on Thursday, Petro de Luanda beat BC Onatra by 85-53 and ABC of Cote d'Ivoire defeated Ferroviario da Beira of Mozambique by 89-22.

UGANDA : Miracle Face Riders in Abe Linc Final

by Sande Bashaija

KNIGHT Riders take on Miracle in the rescheduled Abraham Lincoln senior men's final this evening with hope of snatching victory, which could at least pass as a scanty consolation for their dreaded season.

The Entebbe-based side was relegated to the Second Division after several close-shave losses and losing a boardroom battle against eventual MTN Basketball League champions Mogas Falcons.

Riders produced one of the biggest league surprises, beating 2000 champions Sadolin Power and would have survived relegation had they fetched maximum points from Falcons, who they accused of fielding ineligible Louis Habineza.

The player turned out for Rwanda's Espoir and featured for Falcons against Riders. But as they to re-organise and launch a comeback trail to the topflight, Riders will be looking to today's game for confidence purposes and of course grabbing season-ending tournament silverware.

The game, which was postponed due to last Sunday's heavy downpour, tips off 5pm at YMCA Wandegeya.

Enroute to the final, Riders gained 'revenge' over Falcons, beating them 41-24 while Miracle eased passed newly promoted Crane High School 58-32 in the semis.

Makerere Sparks retained the women's trophy with a 33-28 slim victory over A-1 Challenge while Livingstone claimed the juniors' gong after beating RMC 47-39. The awards ceremony is on this evening.

Today at YMCA
Miracle v Riders (5pm)

Sparks 33- 28 A-1 Cha'ge
Livingstone 47- 39 MRC

NIGERIA : Potters Begin Title Chase

by Wale Quadri

Nigeria's sole representatives at the FIBA Africa Champions Cup for Men, Niger Potters of Minna will try their opponents, Ferroviario Beira of Mozambique for size in group B opener today at the Huambo Stadium, Angola.

The other group B matches will see Abidjan Basketball Club of Cote d'Ivoire taking on Stade Malien of Bamako.

The championship which begins today will also feature defending champion Angola Petroleos Atletico basketball club of Luanda begin it title defense against Democratic Republic of Congo BC Onatra basketball club in Huambo.

The Nigeria side led by Coach Adamu Kuta has lined up crop of tested players to repeat the feat recorded at the Africa Zone 3 qualifiers where the team won all their games to top the zone.

Other matches billed for Day-1 of the final round, in group-A host, Interclube basketball club of Luanda will take on APR of Rwanda in Cabinda, while ASB Kauka from Democratic Republic of Congo will take to the floor against 2006 runner-up Primero de Agosto and MBC of Guinea will do battle against ASPAC basketball club of Cotonuo, Republic of Benin.

Cup holder, Petroleos won the title in 2006 in Lagos after subduing arch rival Primero de Agosto in the grand finale.

Meanwhile, President FIBA Africa Zone 3, Muktar Khaleh has warned the Nigerian side not be complacent in their search for laurel at the championship.

He enjoined the team to be focused and determine to fly the country's flag high, saying reward await them on return.

The championship is considered to be the biggest club competition on the FIBA calendar and the winner qualifies for next year's FIBA-world club championships.

RWANDA : APR Start Continental Assignment

by Julius Mbaraga

APR open their Fiba-Africa Club Championship campaign this afternoon with a tough tie against Angola's Interclube basketball club in Cabinda, south of Angola's capital, Luanda.

The Zone-5 champions who arrived in Angola yesterday know that a good start today will lay a good platform for better performances ahead.

Apart from Blaise Nikobahoze who is struggling to shake off a fever, Owuor yesterday disclosed in an e-mail to Times Sport that everybody is in good shape and ready for the opener.

"We are playing a quality side today and we need a good start to have a good chance of getting to the knock-out stage," Owuor pointed out.

In Huambo, defending champions Petro Atletico open their title defence against DR. Congo's BC Onatra basketball club.

Petro Atletico won the 2006 title in Lagos after subduing arch rival Primero de Agosto in a grand finale.
In a bid to retain the title, it is said that the club has beefed up its squad with some of the best players on the African continent; players who are well tested and have years of experience.
Other matches billed for Day one include a tie between 2006 runner-up Primero de Agosto and DR.Congo's ASB Kauka.
The other Group A tie is between MBC of Guinea and ASPAC basketball club of Benin.

In Group B, 2005 champions Abidjan Basketball Club of Ivory Coast take on Stade Malien while Nigeria's representatives Niger Potters battle Ferroviario Beira of Mozambique.
However, new developments indicate that the Niger Potters - Ferroviario Beira game is still a doubt.

It is reported that the Zone-3 champions' flight to Angola had been delayed and that the club is expected to jet in Angola tonight.

Day 1

Group A
Interclube v APR
ASB Kauka v Primero de Agosto

Group B
Petro Atletico v BC Onatra
Niger Potters v Ferroviario
Abidjan v Stade Malien

13 December 2007


After a long period of rest the basket ball Gabonese takes with assemblies of clubs, leagues and the last in date are the assembly plain and extraordinary of the Basketball Federation Gabonese (FEGABAB), presided by Mrs. Sylvie KOTHA.
Of big innovation in our basket for this season 2007-2008: The creation of the elite national championship. Composed of 8 clubs, teams are going all to meet in chosen three sites: Libreville, Port-Gentil and Moanda. Teams are going to move all weekends according to a calendar of meetings, matches will be played to go return of it, the first of this championship will be declared champion of Gabon in 2008. The last two teams of the elite Championship will be retrogressed in their leagues. A phase to go up in elite championship will be played between the best teams of every league
Championships of leagues affiliated members are played simultaneously.
February 2, 2008, it is the date foreseen for the launching of the elite National Championship that will regroup 8 clubs:
League of the High Ogooue, 1 team (MANGA BASKET); League of the estuary 3 teams (SOMO B - TOUNGUI BB - AOBB); League of the Maritime Ogooue, 4 teams (STADE MANDJI - CAS 1987 - ASOM - ASCTG).
It is a project that has been approved by the majority the present delegates to the assembly of the 08 to December 09, 2007 to the seat of the FEGABAB. He has been necessary to nine hours of clock to arrive some there. Certain delegate one expressed their scepticism on the financial means, on the notebook of load, on the calendar of the competition, notably the president of the league of the estuary (Aime ENGONE), the representative of TOUNGUI BB (the colonel Flavien MOUSSAVOU) and the president of LAR (Eric MICKALA).
The ministerial Office of the Federation explained extensively favours them of this new formula on the organization of the first Division championship named " elite " National Championship; The chairwoman Sylvie KOTHA explained that this project answers to waiting of leaders of clubs and the ministry, it is a formula that increases the number of meetings, it is a manner to popularize the Gabonese basketball; it also permits to unload to leagues the organization of the first Division championship. She also reassured delegates of the adherence of the ministry of sport and the Olympic committee and sponsors, and the hold in charge of the aerial transport lasting all the championship…
The presence of the new president of the Olympic Committee (Leon FOLQUET), the president of Karate Do (Me Paterne DICKA), heightened this assembly plain of the FEGABAB.
We recall you that in the old formula, Leagues organized the first phase and the FEGABAB organized the second phase or final phase.
1st STADE MANDJI (Ogooue Maritime)
2nd MANGA BASKET (High Ogooue)
3rd AOBB (Estuary)
4th CAS 1987 (Ogooue Maritime)
5th BLACK STARS (Estuary)
6th LA REUSSITE (Estuary)
SOMO B and TOUNGUI BB retired of the competition
Ordering of the CUP Federal «DAVID NZOUBOU «Masculine of MOANDA
1st SOMO B (Estuary)
2nd STADE MANDJI (Ogooue Maritime)
3rd MANGA BASKET (High Ogooue) Forfeit at half final
5th CAS 1987 (Ogooue Maritime)
6th ASOM (Ogooue Maritime)
7th ENGONG (Woleu Ntem)
LIBAMA and USTM Forfeit (High Ogooue)

EGUPT : Ahly face to face with Riyadi tonight in Hariri Final

Ahly went to the final game easily after a big win over Blue stars(leb) last night 92-63.Last night game was a one side match Blue stars showed no resistance while Ahly players scored from every place in the court, Islam Ahly scored 19 points,Most of Ahly stars have a good rest last night as the small players did the job for them, Tonight final is not an easy one Ahly will face Riyadi( Leb) who won this tournament 8 times. The game will start at 5 pm

NIGERIA : 22nd Champions Cup for Men: Respite for Potters, leave in batches

Nigeria representative at the final round of the 22nd FIBA Africa Champions Cup for Men, Niger Potters basketball club may have find succour in South Africa Airways as the first batch of ten players' and two officials leave for Huambo enroute Luanda, Angola tonight.

The Minna North Central Nigeria-based team will now join eleven other teams from nine African countries for the continent biggest club championship which dunks-off Thursday in Huambo and Cabinda.

www.fiba-afrique.org reliably gathered that the team is paying more than double what they ought to pay for their flight ticket but are determined to make it to the finals having topped the FIBA Africa Zone-3 qualifiers held in Cotonuo, Republic of Benin last month.

The team has to split into two in order to make it to Angola in good time for the final round as they confront Ferroviario de Beira basketball club of Mozambique in group-B opening game few hours after their arrival Thursday in Huambo.

The ten players and two officials in the first party to Angola includes the head coach, Adamu Kuta and team Doctor, Mohammed Yahaya while the players in the advance team are Abubakar Usman, Abubakar Yusuf, Victor Okoro, Sati Paul, Faruk Oyalade, Chigozie Nwoye, Anthony Edache, Stanley Gumut, Emmanuel Dreams and Abdulazeez Yusuf.

Others left behind are expected to jet out Fridays aboard South Africa Airways to arrive Luanda, Angola by 12.15 hours.

12 December 2007

ANGOLA : Commission for African clubs competition meets today

The first meeting of the Technical Commission for the 22nd African Clubs Champions Cup of males basketball is to take place this Wednesday, at 06:00 pm, in the amphitheatre of the Angolan Basketball Federation (FAB), in Luanda.

According to a press communiqué from the organising committee, the meeting will be attended by representatives of the clubs that will be in the competition, as well as by officials from FIBA/Africa.

The competition is scheduled to start on Thursday (Dec. 13), and the venues will be the Angolan provinces of Cabinda and Huambo.

Petro de Luanda, the defending champions and top seeds of group A, are already in Huambo City, and so are Mozambique`s Ferroviário da Beira.

Angola`s Inter Clube and Aspac of Benin are in Cabinda.

Another Angolan team participating in this continental competition is 1º de Agosto.

UGANDA : Sparks, Stone win in Abe Linc

- Women’s final
Sparks 33-28 Amazon
Juniors’ final
Livingstone 47-39 RMC
- Men’s semis
Falcons 24-41 Riders
Miracle 58-32 Crane High

MAKERERE based sides Sparks and Livingstone over the weekend emerged champions of the Abraham Lincoln tournament held at YMCA Wandegeya.

Sparks squeezed past Amazon Rhino 33-28 to successfully defend the women’s title while Livingstone defeated RMC 47-39 in the men’s junior final. Frances Nabulobi and Vicky Nassolo scored a game high 10 points apiece as Sparks established their dominance over Amazon.

Dorothy Kyamazima and Aisha Nakabubi combined for 11 points but Amazon couldn’t recover from a 7-14 first half deficit in the running-time game.
Livingstone’s Tony Olila, Richard Otieno, and Emmanuel Ateng were unstoppable, plundering 14, 9 and 7 points respectively while Abel Emwodu cleared the boards, to go through the tournament unbeaten.

Marvin Musana had 12 points for RMC. Moses Wasswa grabbed 12 points but fouled out as Miracle thrashed Crane High School 58-32 in the seniors’ semifinals.

Ivan Enabu returned to his old club Knight Riders, helping them to a 41-24 victory over newly crowned National Basketball League champions Falcons. The final between Miracle and Knight Riders could however not be played due to Sunday evening’s heavy downpour. It will now take place on Friday evening (5:30pm) at YMCA Wandegeya. For the first time, no foreign team participated in the tournament.

EGYPT : Ahly to the semi final of Hariri after a hard win over Mttahed (Leb) 80-77

Ahly will face today 7pm. the Blue stars(Leb) in the semi final of Hariri. Ahly players went through the semi final after a hard win over muttahed (leb) by 3 points.In Last night game Ashraf Tawfeek successfully changed the defeat to a win in the last 3 min with great coaching and tough defence. Darren Kelly Mutahhed point guard scored 41 points while Tarek EL Gannam Ahlys Center scored 26 points ,14 rebounds,4 blocks. Also Islam Aly came from the bench scoring 18 points. The other semi final game will start tonight at 5 pm between AL riyadi(Leb) Vs Orthodoxy(Jor).

EGYPT : AHLY overcomes Orthodoxy in his first game in Hariry championship

In the first game for Ahly in Hariry championship, the team wins over Orthodoxy of Jordan 89/85 In a very close match. Ahly is the only team between the Egyptian league teams with no foreigner players until now, but the Egyptian players leaded by Taelek Elganam who scored 17 points in the match to be the best scorer of Ahly in the match with Ibrahim Elgamal who also scored 17 points were showed a great performance against the foreigners of Orthodoxy and Jordanian first team players. Ahly took the lead in the match from the beginning of the second quarter till the end of the match.
In the first quarter from the match, Orthodoxy took the lead with only one point 20/19. In the second quarter, Ahly Began to lead and win the second quarter 44/38 thanks to Ihab Elalfy 6 points. In the third quarter, Ahly kept his lead to win the third quarter 63/59. In the fourth quarter, Orthodoxy couldn't open the defence of Ahly so they depend on three points, but Sherif Aly and his teammate succedded in winning their first three points in the tournament. By this win Ahly and Orthodoxy are the two teams nearest to qualify to the semifinal after the withdraw of Fath(Saudi Arabia), Ahly Is going to play against Mothed(Lebanon) who lost his first game against Othodoxy 93/91.
from africabasket.com

RWANDA : APR Jets Out to Luanda

Julius Mbaraga

APR jetted out yesterday afternoon to Angola for this year's Fiba-Africa Club championships after securing collective sponsorship from the Sports and Defense ministries.

It is said that the two ministries raised Frw7 million which is what the club required for the trip.

The event that will be staged in the Angolan capital, Luanda gets underway this Thursday and will run through to December 22.

The 25-man contingent comprising of 15 players and 10 officials; six from the club and four from the Rwanda basketball federation jetted out yesterday aboard an Ethiopian Airlines plane and is expected to arrive in Luanda this afternoon.

Making their debut at the coveted club competition, the Zone V club champions are drawn in Group A alongside last year's finalists Primero De Agosto (Angola), Interclube (Angola), ASPAC (Benin), M.B.C (Guinea) and ASB Kauka of DR. Congo.

Group B which also happens to be the toughest comprises of defending champions Petro Atletico (Angola), Niger Potters (Nigeria), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Stade Malien (Mali), BC Onatra (DR. Congo) and Ferroviario Da Beira of Mozambique.

The top four clubs from each group will progress to the quarter-finals and APR's coach Cliff Owuor believes that his club has an equal chance of getting to the next stage.

"We have an equal chance like any other club in our group. We are not in the competition by mistake. We battled to get there and we believe we can get to the next stage if we play well," Owuor said before the team's departure yesterday.

The winner of this event will represent Africa at next year's world championship. APR is the first Rwanda club to qualify for the Fiba-Africa club championship.

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