14 November 2007

UGANDA : Falcons look for ‘fix it man’ in game 2

By Charles Mutebi

AFTER tumbling behind 1–0 in the best of five finals against the Kyambogo Warriors, it will be surprising if Mogas Falcons don’t turn to a familiar face for help - Smarts Olumbo coach of Kenyan champions Eagles.

Olumbo has maintained links with the Falcons for over five years and has always come to their relief in times of need. Because of full time home commitments, he can’t track the Falcons’ league challenge but he travels back and forth between fixtures when they need him in the play-offs.

And when he comes, his impact is microwave. On the ropes did the Falcons have their backs after losing game one of this year’s play-offs semi-finals against the UCU Canons and little hope as their rivals were the all conquering regular season champions.

Then Olumbo showed up. The Canons didn’t know what hit them as the Falcons, a team reborn, showed them the exit with two straight games.

The Warriors have pushed the Falcons’ towards the panic button after their Sunday finals’ game one victory, and history dictates that the former champions will turn to their ‘I’ll fix it man’.

“He has a busy schedule and won’t be here,” is the Falcons owner John Simbwa’s coy response.

But the past has shown that he and the rest of his team are not exactly renowned for telling all particularly as regards the Kenyan tactician. The first tactic is to guard the details of his rescue mission with a lovers’ jealousy.

Sources have it that the Kenyan will appear with typical impromptu come game two of the national men’s final but his impact might not be so discreet.

Meanwhile, all losing semi-finalists will have a chance to redeem their pride when they meet for the third place play-off. The UCU Canons will look to put some gloss on a season that went so well until they were surprisingly evicted by the Falcons, with an encounter against the free falling Power, who haven’t won in their last five games.

Lady Canons face KIU Rangers in a women’s tie as Vegetarians take on Gulu Hawks in the men’s second division game.

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