23 November 2007

EGYPT : The gold for the red team

In the final of 11th ARAB games Egypt beat Jordan (76-73) in a fantastic and strange game.No one can believe that Egpyt beat Jordan in the last (0.28 seconds), Egypt play with red clothes and Jordan with white one.

First period:
Egypt begin the match man to man with Jordanian player but Jordon lead the game with 3-point and Ramy Guniedi reply by another 3-point to get equal and still in this matter as Jordan lead and Egypt get equal till Jordan began to increase the score and the result become (8-13).
Egyptian player make many faults as they afraid from Jordan player to waste of the chance to equal the result and the first period finished to Jordan (12-21)

Second period:
Tarek ElGahnnam and Ahmed Khaled play in the beginning of the second period and Jordan begin scoring as Rashim get 3-point shot in the beginning of the second period then dunk to increase the score for Jordan to 14 point and most of Jordan player depend on 3-point shot in this period and prevent Egyptian to get any basket for 6 minutes.
Jordan play man to man while Egypt depend on zone defense which give Jordanian player chance to get 3-point shot for everywhere in the hall.
Ibrahim ElGamal the only one in Egypt that penetrated Jordan defence and scored the most points to Egypt in this period.
Then Bridrage demanded time out for Egypt to fix the disadvantages of defense and attack then Moemen score 3-point shot and Mario (Jordan coach) demanded time out before 20 second of the end of the match and Jordan finished the second period (28-45) to get nearer of achieving gold medal.

Third period:
Ashraf Rabe'a play with Egypt but no new Rashim from Jordan no one can stopped him and still score 2 and 3-point shot and get basket from everywhere and Egyptian player are frustration and hopeless then they done many faults as the difference in score are 17 point in the same time the crowd still encourage Egyptian player which make Bridrage (Egyptian coach )demand time out after the difference become 20 point,then Egyptian player reduce the difference to 12 point only at the end of the third period for Jordan (48-60)

Forth period and the miracle:
Egypt begin with scoring in the Jordanian basket but Joran repy qickly and the difference became 11 point after Moemen score 2-point and his 1 free shot then Wessam Fouad score 3-ponit in the Egyptian basket and Egypt reply quickly with 3-point shot by Tarek ElGahnnam then 2-point shot and the difference become 9 point only which make the crowd increase in encouraging the Egyptian player and press on Jordanian team but Rashim as his usual score 3-point to increase the difference again but Egyptian player feel that they are near to get gold medal and after 5 minute Mario demanded time out to stop the score of Egpyt.
After that Moemen score 3-point and get closer to equal the result, also Ibrahim ElGamal still score his 2-point by penetrating Jordanian defense.
In the last 3 minutes Egypt play man to man and stop Rashim of scoring and because of press Jordanan player make many faults and Ibrahim ElGamal and Wael Badr scored their 4 ponits of their free shots to increase the score to (70-73) for Jordan which make the Jordanain coach demanded another time out and after that Wael Badr score his another 2 free shots to be (73-72).
One minute and 17 second for the end of the match and Jordan lead the match with one point only and from Egyptian attack Tarek waste the chance for leading the match in the last seconds then Jordan attack but Moemen (santaclaus Egyptian basketball) stell the ball and score 2points to make the lead for Egypt (74-73) which make Joradanian coach demanded time out before 25 second ended,after that they lose the ball which make Joranian player make fault with Ibrahim ElGamal (man of the match ) and the Egyptian celebrate in the last seconds but Ibrahim score one free shot and lose the other and still (0.28 seconds) which make Jordan score any basket and won but Wael Badr stell it and Jordan player make fault with him to take 2 free shots, waste the first shot while scored the other to finish the match (76-73) in a strange and fantastic match.

Ibrahim ElGamal scored 16 point and Moemen scored 18 point from Egypt.
Rashim scored 26 point from Jordan.


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