24 May 2007

BURKINA FASO : "Ligue du Centre" continues

AS-Sonabel # Celtics
After two defeats, the electricians have to stop this bad series! They did it! Face to a small team of Celtics, the players of Coach Achille COULIDIATY showed to everybody that they can be better! Fast breaks, “give and go“ were their way to score! Norbert PARKOUDA (PG) the master of ceremony, Hermann BELEMLILGA (F), and Ibrahim OUEDRAOGO were the players who did the difference! It's not the big team of electricians from 1997 to 2004, but after loosing a starting five, it's hard for a team to come back in 2 years!
This team needs a leader! Hermann BELEMLILGA is the best who can do it; if he wants…
Final score: 59-37 for AS-Sonabel. Best scorer: Mamadou SIMPORE (PG, Celtic) 15 points

- RCK # Faso Warriors
No many things to tell on this match; the falcons face to a small team, had a nice afternoon! But the show was for warriors and three players: Abel BAKYONO, Hermann SANOU and They are young and good players! Abel is the best player of warriors! This player of national U20 team proved that in few years, he will be one of our best players! He jumps very high, is not so bad in shooting drills and plays rebounds very well. His fakes and dribbles make him a danger for all defences!
Final score: 90-42 for RCK. Best scorer: Losseni DRABO (C, RCK) 28 points!

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