20 April 2007

EGYPT : Egyptian CUP semi final

El Ittihad VS Zamalek
After farce arbitrament Ittihad recede from the match inspite of leading 77-75 before 28 second of the end of the match.
reason of recede:
Amir El Fanan does a personal foul then he object on this decision which make the arbiter accounted technical foul and possession for Zamalek beside encourager
objection then after arbiter accounted another foul against encourger they throw chairs which make the security drive them away
then------>6 shoots for Zamalek, possession and hall withour Ittihad encourager make the player and Ittihad responsible recede from the match
before 28 second match ended.
After conversation between Gasser Monir (Ittihad manger) and Mohamed Meselhi (Ittihad vice-president)
they decide to recede from the match and consider Zamalek win.
Ittihad responsible accused arbiter this season as they compliment Al Ahly and Zamalek on Ittihad account and arbiter consider Al Zamalek win 20-0 as law said.

Al Ahly VS Gezira
At the same time and after violent game Al Ahly beat Al Gezira 83-75 to play with Zamalek in the final 30 April 2007.
Tarek El Ghannam,Ihab El Alfy and Sherif Ali beside Ibrahim El Gamal and Mody El Garhi get revenge from Al Gezira in the 1st,2nd and 3rd quarter
then Al Gezira wake up in the 4th quarter with their activities movies by Ahmed Saker, Ramy Genedi,Mody El Sagheir and Mohamed El Kerdani who injured
and go out but without benefit to lose the match.

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