17 February 2006

LIBERIA: We Are No Longer an Easy Ride, IE Basketball Team Asserts

The basketball team of the Invincible Eleven Majesty Club has re-emphasized its commitment to outweigh all of its counterparts in the ongoing national league despite the lack of continued support for the team this season.

The team says it is no longer an easy ride this season, especially for those who think that they will acuminate points over IE for the playoff as it has been in the past, adding "we will resist every force in the LBF League to prove our seriousness for the challenges of this season".

The "Yellow Boys" added that their past defeats during the last league season will not be repeated this season, assuring its many fans that they will make them happy.

IE on last week defeated three of the nation's best playing basketball teams in their league matches.

Despite their struggles this season, the Yellow Boys managed to flog Uhuru Kings in one of their league matches and on Arme d Forces Day defeated deadly NPA Pythons 65-53 in a match that was described as "Miracle Match".

The winning spree continued on last Sunday when they walloped Mighty Barrolle 72-66 in another league match. The game was highly dominated by the Yellow Boys from start to end thus resulting into their second victory over Barrolle in recent time.

Speaking further, team manager Emmanuel Taylor said even though they threatened to boycott the games, the commitment of th e players and the intervention of other personalities of the club has boosted the strength of the team to win their games.

He said, their wins in recent times are highly based on the collective focus and commitment of the players and the officers of the team; something he noted is greatly taking the team through.

Mr. Taylor boasted on the preparedness of the young and talented players on his squad this season, adding that all of the players are eager to p lay especially where in they are playing to win.He said, with the caliber of players on his team this season, his squad is no longer an easy target, something he expressed that no team should take it for granted.

IE has won five straight games this season with only receiving one defeat from LPRC Oilers.

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