31 December 2005


Encourage and develop opportunity for young players to get exposure and competitive experience in both life and basketball;
1) Select National Junior training squads ages 16-21 and do environmental programmes, activities and being aware.
2) Solicit help of teachers and coaches at schools, universities and in identifying young players with potentials and giving service back to the community in terms of caring for our environment globally.
3) Each National team coach should be assigned specific responsibilities and expected to carry out those functions plus community services to the youth.
4) My observation on the current sports is that we have some great young players who could provide a nucleus for a good many years, I believe it is imperative to move toward a new attitude which I believe will enhance the team chances for the future and let them know more about reality of nature.
Sun: 11/12/05 (Under floodlights)
Reverend John (Ug) 22 Vs YMCA Bulls (Rwanda) 07 (Under 10yrs)
Crane High (Uganda) 47 Vs Namagunga Girls (Uganda) 30 (U18yrs)
Kings Budo (Uganda) 89 Vs Crane High (Uganda) 80 (U18yrs)
Predators (Kenya) 56 Vs KCC Leopards (Uganda) 52 (Senior Women)
USIU (Kenya) 80 Vs Sadoline Power (Uganda) 70 (Senior Men)
General Analysis;
a) Co-ordination: The committee gave me a clear indication that they are bright and intelligent people who are capable of working with each other as a team. Although I was alone do need assistance from UNEP, GSA, and Footprints etc in terms of personnel.
b) Conduct: The teams managed to maintain a high sense of discipline and belonging. Indeed they represented the teams well. BRAVO!!!!Other than university students but it was nice.
c) Fundamentals: Emphasis must be put in teaching the players the fundamental and basic approach to the game of basketball and environment.

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