31 December 2005


As being the World body that's deals with Environment and especially with sports UNEP should also go into all discipline sports rather than a few ones like athletics, swimming, football etc.As we know Sports and Environment goes together and it affects one other one way or the other. They should get involved more and send representatives(staff) to over see the events in future but thank you very much they provided materials,posters,DVD's,CD's,books and supported me from the very first time till the end. God bless you. Please come in a bigger way to make it successful.
They supported me with Ecoflags, posters, bronchures, stickers and advice from Mr. Jason Chare who has been remarkable and wonderful and I thank him personally for making my first major Environment and Sports event in basketball a success.
Sadili has been a mother and father to me as I've been with them for 10years since they started in 1995.I personally want to thank Dr.Liz Odera for her support,advice,caring and making me understand that we can't do without good environment for peaceful sporting country. They gave us UNEP/Ecoflags,donated basketballs and made follow-up of all that I was doing front he time we started with a children basketball camp till the end keep up the good work and we shall and will always work together to have a clean, safe planet. Be blessed. You are wonderful.
After attending the IOC/UNEP Conference in Nairobi, Kenya on 09-11th November 2005 I met Ms.Vita Jauzeme a Director of Pedas an NGO in Latvia who we talked and decided to have a joint workforce plan for the betterment of our environment through Sports. They agreed to have me as a coordinator for Africa and Kenya region offices and make our goal dream of a cleaner, safer, friendly and peaceful environment be met globally. We did clean up camp from Wandegeya to YMCA for three days while on the last day we made all the spectators, players and officials do a clean up on the venue for 20minutes and it was funny, caring and many thought it was awkward to pick plastic papers, bottles, cans and collect garbage as a bad ideal but it was successful because it was before the main final of the men's game at 2100hrs.Most of the games were played till 0300hrs in the morning under floodlights as a tradition of the tournament.
They were the MAIN sponsors of the tournament and made it more successful. They went round to make it the tournament of the year and region like never before. Keep it up and hope you will come in a bigger way in the next edition (XIV).Keep it up and it was made possible with Abe Linc Committee from Uganda.
Also did support in the tournament and made contribution in a big way in the Abe Linc XIII.Abe Linc committee negotiated and made it possible for them to be on board. Keep up and thank you so much.
We need to implement suggestions that have been brought forward especially ones that will attract corporate sponsorship: community work and charitable events while encouraging environmental programmes in the communities especially the less fortunate like Children Homes, Street Children, High Crime areas and within basketball fraternity.
1) CAMP: This would help capture the focus of the players and will aid both coaches and players in realizing each others potential and understanding one another once a month.
2) COMPULSORY WEIGHT & ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES: Although this may seem far fetched, (to the players), the benefits are tremendous especially if we are to make it in stiffer and more challenging competitions and events.
3) GAMES: The team needs to participate in series of friend lies with other teams to help enhance their co-ordination and also guide the players in incorporating the plays. Their wit and skills. It will also make them see what other countries offer and environment programme the have.
1) YOUTH CAMP: The federation should seek ways and means of penetrating deep(UNEP) into the grass roots as an awareness campaign (BASKETBALL) and scouting for real talent that is out there waiting to be tapped.(SCHOOLS).Have environmental competitions in sports.
2) CLINIC: This is a positive way of teaching the budding youth the basic of the game and importance of education. The National players should be involved in this exercise and learn that its not just basketball but you need the GOOD ENVIRONMENT to play the GAME.
All National team players must realize that there is a serious task ahead of them. The all Africa games in 2007, we have so far experienced being on that stage in 2003 this country gained a lot from that. So indeed the players must be encouraged by their club coaches who must also help them by tackling their on-court problems to make them versatile and better players. Also Kenya hosted the IOC/UNEP Conference and having the Environment headquarters in Kenya we should make use to gain and teach the young ones about Natures effects and its causes.



Encourage and develop opportunity for young players to get exposure and competitive experience in both life and basketball;
1) Select National Junior training squads ages 16-21 and do environmental programmes, activities and being aware.
2) Solicit help of teachers and coaches at schools, universities and in identifying young players with potentials and giving service back to the community in terms of caring for our environment globally.
3) Each National team coach should be assigned specific responsibilities and expected to carry out those functions plus community services to the youth.
4) My observation on the current sports is that we have some great young players who could provide a nucleus for a good many years, I believe it is imperative to move toward a new attitude which I believe will enhance the team chances for the future and let them know more about reality of nature.
Sun: 11/12/05 (Under floodlights)
Reverend John (Ug) 22 Vs YMCA Bulls (Rwanda) 07 (Under 10yrs)
Crane High (Uganda) 47 Vs Namagunga Girls (Uganda) 30 (U18yrs)
Kings Budo (Uganda) 89 Vs Crane High (Uganda) 80 (U18yrs)
Predators (Kenya) 56 Vs KCC Leopards (Uganda) 52 (Senior Women)
USIU (Kenya) 80 Vs Sadoline Power (Uganda) 70 (Senior Men)
General Analysis;
a) Co-ordination: The committee gave me a clear indication that they are bright and intelligent people who are capable of working with each other as a team. Although I was alone do need assistance from UNEP, GSA, and Footprints etc in terms of personnel.
b) Conduct: The teams managed to maintain a high sense of discipline and belonging. Indeed they represented the teams well. BRAVO!!!!Other than university students but it was nice.
c) Fundamentals: Emphasis must be put in teaching the players the fundamental and basic approach to the game of basketball and environment.


I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the development of basketball through Environment and Nature, be given the responsibility to assist in preparation for the XIII Abe Linc International Tournament, November 05th to 11th December 2005.
It was a responsibility I took very seriously and hope my contribution reflected favorably, may I take this opportunity to thank the Patron Abe Linc,UNEP,Global Sports Alliance(Ecoflag),Sadili Oval, Project Footprints(Pedas),Kenya Basketball federation, Nile Breweries,City,Oils,Asiatic Sports, International Aids Vaccine Initiative and Uganda Basketball federation plus the entire basketball fraternity for giving me a chance yet again to work with the best in the region and also be a part of the winning outfit that is not only basketball oriented, but also a group of potential future leaders, role models and mentors to the other youth that are striving each day to make it to the international arena by watching, observing and trying to emulate them.
Truly if this is not an honour I don't know what it is!!
My report shall be concise and precise.
In spite of all the hustle I went through, the trip was a success and one of the best trips and emerged victorious...I enjoyed the environment presentations I made with the players and their improvement and eagerness to learn was my reward. As a coach/organizer of the tournament I enjoyed the opportunity I had to coach/organize and referee. I sincerely hope that a foundation will start that will provide basis for many future success. It does not happen quickly-patience, long range planning, development Programmes-school and youth programmes -international competitions and periodic training camps for national level players.
Kenya has a real possibility to develop into an outstanding basketball nation because of the good nature of peace and environment atmosphere we have. It will not be easy, so we have to run a long range planning. Assessing my experience, I will outline a few things I have observed and review some of the areas of technical development with current players and summarize some recommendation that could be followed up noting environmental events in future in all basketball(sports) activities. I hope you will continue to provide the necessary leadership, assistance and sponsorship and not get discouraged.
"You can create something special and can make something happen it all starts with YOU. Put 100 percent in everything that's the heart of a champion and a champion is somebody who can deal with the tough times. Remember that it's just basketball, but it's not real life".
The more stability and continuity that can be supplied the better to
Ø -develop a plan
Ø -design means to implement the plan
Ø -see the plan through

KENYA: St Georges Secondary School

St Georges Secondary School. They won the High School Category.
They have also win three others tournaments Dr.Greofrey Graffins Memorial Touirnament in Stahere Boys Centre,USIU Open and Sadili.

30 December 2005

MALAWI: NBA trains local basketball players

American National Basketball Association (NBA) has picked 18-year-old Chimwemwe Jeremiah from Mzuzu as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for further observation after he was noticed from 50 other participating youths during a one-day clinic organised by Coca-Cola Africa Foundation at the African Bible College gymnasium in Lilongwe.
He would participate in further training in South Africa in August next year while 15- year-old Tanaka Chikhosi from Lilongwe came second.
Basketball Association of Malawi (Basmal) identified players from all the country's regions.
Basmal general secretary James Gwaza said the national association identified the talent through regional coaches.
“I think if you look back even in basketball, we have gone into oblivion for the past five years,” Gwaza said. “If we can nurture these 50 youths in a camp, train them for one year or two, we should have very good players of basketball in the country.”
Masai Ujiri and Jarim Akana from the Denver Nuggets, NBA's international scouts, conducted the clinic.
“I think by organising more events like this the coaches would learn more,” Akana said. “We came here not only to coach the players but to train and encourage the coaches.
“They have to keep on working with the kids and do more camps and clinics, that way, basketball will continue to progress at the grassroots,” he said.
The NBA scout said basketball in the country lacked coaching and facilities but said there was enthusiasm from youths to learn the sport.
The coaching clinics are an extension of Sprite Top 100 camp, an annual event that takes place in South Africa.

TANZANIA: 17 clubs to vote for BD leaders

The Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD) has named 17 clubs, which will vote in the general election set for tomorrow in Kinondoni.
BD Acting Secretary General Mbaga Mwamboma named the clubs as Pazi, Vijana, Oilers, Chang’ombe, Ilala Flats, ABC, Magereza, UDSM Outsiders (UDSM), Cargo, JKT Headquarters, Bias, Police Dar, Tanblacks, Don Bosco, Mbezi Beach, TM Rockets and Chui.
Mwamboma said each club would be represented by four voters in the election to be supervised by Dar es Salaam Sports Committee.
Voters are chairman, secretary general and two representatives of players.
He said Harbour and Sinza Worriers would not be allowed to vote because they had failed to send the names of their voters.
The election would see 15 candidates contesting in various posts. Candidates for the chairman post are Simon Msoffe, Abdallah Njovu and Syllersaid Mziray.
Others are James Mwakamele (vice president), Mbaga Mwamboma, Mary Mbaga (secretary general), Evarist Mapunda, Amina Kayeke (schools and children commission).
There are also Judith Ilunda, Rehema Malenga (women’s commission), Ephraim Kibonde (plans and development), Jimmy Mkongo (coaches’ commission), Magreth Mtake, Christina Lwambani (treatment) and Gosbert Boniface (technical commission).
The disabled commission, referees and finance director have no candidates.

UGANDA: 3 New players for Makerere Sparks

Former MTN basketball league champions Makerere Sparks have made a re-enforcement in by recruiting three young players.
The trio of shooting guards Grace Oguti, Shilla Atim and Harriet Otim was part of the team that won the women's inter university basketball title last week at Ndejje.
Sparks team manager Ms. Peninah Kabenge told Daily Monitor that the three first year student players will play for the side in next season's campaign.
Sparks are set to lose inspirational shooting guard Agatha Baliddawa who has been hooked by rivals KCC Leopards.
The Mayor's side paid the player's accommodation fee for two semesters on top of promising to pay her tuition for the rest of her semesters.
Meanwhile, Leopards and record champions Lady Bucks are set to strengthen their sides ahead of the MTN 2006 league season. The two women clubs have shown interest in signing the Kyambogo trio of Rosemell Jopa Witti, Nuruh Nakitto and Juliet Aneno.
"They are good players and they can play in the league against any side.They are still young and talented and I think a strategic club should do any thing to recruit them," KCC coach Juruni Mande said.
Former champions Lady Bucks are also reportedly interested in the three players. Bucks lost two important players Brenda Mbone (to KCC) and Hadijja Kiiza (to KIU) and this hampered their title aspirations this season as they lost the final 3-1 to new champions and perennial rivals A-I Challenge.

ZIMBABWE: HBA to raise league funds

THE Harare Basketball Association is making frantic efforts to raise funds to sustain their league up to the end of the season.
The league has taken a three-week break and will resume play in the second weekend of January
Since losing their deal with entertainment giants Ikon Entertainment in 2004, HBA has been running without a sponsor and they are now finding it difficult to cope with the rising costs of running the league.
The league executive has since started fundraising for the league and this has seen them introducing payments for the fans at the gates and selling foodstuffs at the matches.
However, one of their biggest fundraising event is on tonight at the Athenaeum Hall where they will hold the Miss Basketball Harare. Committee member of the HBA Tendai Zhakata said they hope people will turn out in their hundreds for the fundraising event.
"We have managed to secure some sponsors for the event and all seems to be going on well.
"As widely known, we failed to manage a sponsor at the begging of the season and in all our efforts we are trying to raise as much money as we can if we are to sustain the league" said Zhakata.
By Paul Munyuki from http://www.herald.co.zw

29 December 2005

ZIMBABWE: Varsity Leopards Team

4 Nomious Vinyu
5 Axvier Bwanya
6 Simbarashe Nyamarivata
7 Gedion Chikopa (captian)
8 Tafadzwa Mudzimu
9 Eden Policrpo
10 Thoephlous Magwende
11 Admire Mahutu
12 Tafadzwa Chitawa
13 Ronald Shonhiwa
14 Dominic Mhlanga
15 Tadiwanashe Mandisodza
Edmond Mtetwa
Clemence Chitura
Tendai Chiyangwa
Head coach Admire Masenda
Ass coach Dalington Masenda
Team Manager Rutendo Makanda

28 December 2005

NIGERIA: Nigeria is champs

Nigeria senior female national today confirm its superiority over other African countries when it came from behind to beat Senegal 64-57 points in a pulsating final encounter.
The Nigerian side took the first quarter by 22-18 points only to surrender the leadership to Senegal in the second and third quarters 13-17 and 12-16 but came out strongly in the fourth and decisive quarter to overwhelm the Senegalese who could only manage 6 points to Nigeria 17.
Nigeria captain Mfon Udoka was also voted the Most valuable Player, MVP of the championship.

NIGERIA: D’Tigress pick World Cup ticket:…face Senegal in today’s final

The national female Basketball team, D’Tigress, yesterday night qualified for next year’s World Women Basketball Championship in Brazil after seeing off their Congolese counterpart in an excruciating semi-final duel at the Indoor Sports Hall of National Stadium, Abuja.
A late flurry by the home side saw them overcome the Democratic Republic of Congo with 78-66 points in a gripping contest. It was an end-to-end stuff at the beginning with both teams sizing each other up until the D’Tigress captain Mfon Udoka freed her side with two notching shots. Nigeria led 27-16 at the end of the first chukker. Udoka and Mactabene Amachree were impressive.
The second quarter witnessed the Congolese spearheaded by U.S.-based Mabika Wmadi, Kalunda Lumanu and Kalundi Masau rallying back to reduce the tally by five points (29-24), but at half time, Nigeria was leading with 42-33 points.
However, the Lady Tigers began the third quarter on a casual note allowing the Congolese to seize initiative with the amazing Kitoko at the centre of their revival. With the D’Tigress, once again, showing signs of fatigue, the Congolese took the lead at 49-47. The game reached its crescendo at this stage as the vociferous fans urged the home side on. However, litany of errors and momentary loss of concentration combined to deny the Lady Tigers a quick resurrection. At this point, the Nigerians were trailing and badly needed some inspiration, and they got it through their captain Udoka, who was playing her best game in this tournament.
With four minutes remaining in the third quarter, Funmilayo Ojelabi scored a three-point throw to bridge the gap at 51-50. But the Lady Tigers enjoying a good spell blew away three chances at the basket in dizzying succession. Until Udoka notched another three-point to push Nigeria ahead, the home team supporters had their hearts in their mouths. Almost immediately, Congo’s Lumanu, who was having a good game replied back to level the score line at 55-55. The exhilarating quarter ended all-square at 58-58 after Rashidat Sadiq failed to bury two great opportunities.
The Lady Tigers shrugged off their lethargy in the fourth quarter and were librated by Ojelabi’s three-point shooting. Her exploits put Nigeria ahead at 69-64 with the fans, already sighting a final ticket, chanting: “Ose, Ose Ose ohh! Ose Baba!” And they had enough cause to celebrate, when Udoka initiated a rare counter-attack and unleashed Ojelabi to score with just 19 seconds remaining. The Congolese were in disarray. And Amachree compounded their woes with two more points to take the score line to 75-66. The central Africans showed their ugly side, when Mwadi was sent off by the referee for dissent to the chagrin of her coaches and team mates.
When Ojelabi finished off the tie with a remarkable three-points throw, the hall erupted into ecstasy and elation. The defending champions are on course.
The Lady Tigers will now face their staunchest foes, Senegal, who defeated Mozambique 66-37 in the other semi-final. The final of the championship tonight promises to be another cracker.

26 December 2005

NIGERIA: CAN 2005 Results

Saturday Results:
Mali 93, Togo 26
Senegal 77, Cape Verde 39

Niger 53, Gabon 38
Congo 53, Angola 52

Monday Pairing:

Togo Vs Senegal
Nigeria Vs Mali

Mozambique Vs Niger
Gabon Vs Angola

SEYCHELLES: Charity match

THE turnout wasn't that good but on the court, the players enjoyed themselves and at the same time entertained the small crowd.

Agrippine (dribbling) is challenged by Nigel Ah-kong’s son Reggie

The charity match was played at the Palais des Sports Saturday December and organised to raise funds for former Seychelles and Premium Cobras playmaker Nigel Ah-kong who has been struggling to regain full fitness after an illness.
The match was played between two mixed selections. The local selection was made up of players like Cyril Agrippine, Lenny Aglaé, James Beier (Premium Cobras), Barry Baron, Jim Domingue (PLS Hawks), Steven Servina (Angels), Jean-Paul Camille (SMB Razorback), Dave Roseline (Baya), Daniel Hoareau and Nigel Sinon (MBU Rockers) to name a few.
Ugoh (Baya), Stephen Omony (PLS Hawks), Reuben Kolawole, Mohammed Ozegya Buhari (Premium Cobras), four of the five foreigners playing for local teams, joined forces with Biko Biong, Giovanni Laval, the Sylla brothers Amadou and Abdel as well as Ah-kong's sons Reggie and Sergio.
They lost 72-76. But it wasn't the score that counted. It was the will to play for a good cause.
During half-time, players from both selections took turns to display their dunking skills.
Despite paying an entrance fee of R15, spectators willingly made financial contributions and according to a spokesperson for the organising committee, R4,000 has been raised.
Speaking to Sports Nation, Steve Hoareau, a member of the organising committee, had this to say:
"For the first time that we organise such a charity match for a former basketballer we are quite happy with the turnout, but we expect it to be better in future."
For his part, PLS Hawks' Jim Domangue said:
"I think it was a good idea to organise such a match, but the turnout was low because people are busy during this festive season. A match between Premium Cobras and PLS Hawks would have attracted a bigger crowd, but I was still expecting basketball fans to fill up the Palais des Sports in aid of a person who has given everything for his country and club."
A member of Nigel Ah-Kong's family said that the former player was too emotional to be present at the match.
He thanked every basketballer and all spectators who contributed generously.

25 December 2005

TANZANIA: Ladies basketball

The league debutantes, TZ Prisons, were the best new team in the 2005 edition of the Kili RBA League, after clinching the third position overall behind Cargo Ladies and Jeshi Stars.
The team’s best player in the tournament was Naima Boli. The tallest player of the tournament emerged the best defender in the women’s category.
Boli and her teammate, Mary Kimata, said they were impressed with their team’s good performance in this year’s league despite it being their first time.
“We never thought to finish this way, but we are all highly motivated with what we managed to achieve, and hope to put on a better performance next season,” they said. Boli said she expected in next year’s league to have a more polished side in both departments.
“We will use well the remaining time before the 2006 league for technical improvement so that when the league starts, we should have reached the levels of JKT Queens, Cargo Ladies and Jeshi Stars,” said Boli.
TZ Prisons excelled over other league newcomers, Police Queens and JKT Mgulani, to become the team that posed threats to the league veterans.

TANZANIA: Charles Makene is the MVP

JKT’s top marksman, Charles Makene, emerged the Most Valuable Player in this year’s season of the Kili RBA League that climaxed over the weekend at Tanesco Courts, in Dar es Salaam.
Also a national team player, Makene received a Tsh. 500,000 cheque from Phocus Laswai, the Public Affairs Director of Tanzania Breweries Limited, and the main sponsor of the league for about ten years.
Also awarded on the occasion were Juma Kisoky of JKT, who received Tsh. 300, 000 for the best defender, while Vijana’s player, Mohamed Ally Dibo likewise pocketed Tsh. 300, 000 as the top scorer of the Kili RBA League in the men’s sector.
In the ladies’ sector, Cargo Queens’ player, Monica Aloyce took the Most Valuable Player title while Jabu Shaaban of Jeshi Stars emerged the best scorer of the league.
TZ Prisons produced Naima Bori as the best defender, while Cargo Stars coach Omary Bakari was named the best coach of the tournament.
In the final match, Jeshi Stars player Rose William was the best player of the final matches, while Michael Mwita took the same title in the men’s sector.

TANZANIA: Cargo Stars is the new woman champs

A last minute mistake saw titleholders Jeshi Stars losing their title to Cargo Stars in the fiercely fought final of the Kili RBA League, which ended over the weekend at Tanesco Ground in Kinondoni Municipality.
Cargo Ladies clinched the Kili RBA Trophy for the first time after walloping Jeshi Stars 57-54. Jeshi Stars have headed the league 8 times, while JKT Queens and Cargo Ladies have each managed once.
Just one minute before the final whistle was enough to see Jeshi Stars’ lead disappear.
The team’s head coach benched Penina Igwe for Sabina Joseph, and the gap was big enough for Cargo Ladies to slot home the much needed points.
Jeshi Stars started the game well and ended the first quarter leading 12-6 and kept it up to 24-18 until the end of the first half.
Things became too tough for the Cargo Ladies in the third quarter when Jeshi Stars looked far superior to their opponents to make it 46-37 until the end of the quarter.
Things changed completely in the last quarter when Cargo Ladies regained their winning touch that reduced the margin at an alarming pace. In that quarter, Cargo Ladies scored 20 points against 8 added by Jeshi Stars.
Monica Aloyce of Cargo Stars was the star of the match with 17 points, followed by Jabu Shaaban of Jeshi Stars who scored 11 points.
In the men’s sector, JKT managed to defend their title after beating Savio 53-50. Charles Makene, Tumsifu Apollo, Juma Kissocky and Asharaf Haruna were the stars of the match for JKT.
In the ladies’ play-off, TZ Prisons took the second runners-up position after JKT Queens who failed to appear at the venue.

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