03 December 2012

KENYA : KCB Lions claw Co-op Bank to win game one

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Updated on 03/12/12 | By BRIAN AYIEKO
2011 KBF Premier League Defending Champions Co-op Bank suffered a dent in their title defense campaign after going down to arch rivals and fellow bankers KCB 59-67 on Sunday evening at the Nyayo Gymnasium in match one of the semi finals play offs..
Co-op Bank were clearly off compared to last weekend when they played Ulinzi Warriors missing clear chances while Lions utilized the turnovers to their advantage to win the first quarter 18-8. The second quarter was a neck to neck affair but at the end of it, Co-op recovered to win the quarter 15- 13 to put the half time scores at 31-23 in favor of KCB.
In the 3rd quarter, the Lions reignited their power pinning cop bank to a 19-17 win. However, the tables turned in the last quarter and a replica scoreline of 19-17 favored Co-op Bank.
Despite taking 2 quarters in the match the damage caused by the Lions in the 1st quarter was too much for Co-op to catch up and what remains is to wait for game 2 in order to redeem themselves. If the defending champions fail to beat the Lions with a comfortable margin then they might as well just kiss the title good bye.
In the encounter Ancent Wafula tormented Co-op Bank with the three point shots sinking in 6 of the 11 attempts and at the end of the day he had 23 points to his name the highest in the match. Joseph Khaemba and Antony Abondo gave Co-op Bank 19 and 18 points respectively

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