13 November 2012

UGANDA : FUBA playoff degenerates into a brawl!

By Charles Mutebi
FUBA Playoffs 2012
Best-of-five semifinals

Men’s division 1
Kyambogo 66 UCU 56
(Series tied 1-1)


Best-of-three semifinals
City Oil 64 B. Court 58
(City Oil lead 1-0)
Rhinos 64 JV 47
(Rhinos lead 1-0)


Best-of-three semifinals
UMU 71 Jackets 58
(UMU lead 1-0)
Ssaku 64 Silver F. 61
(Ssaku lead 1-0)

UCU 80 A1 50
(UCU lead 1-0)

The Kyambogo Warriors and UCU Canons may want to consider coming along with gloves and helmets for Game Three of their best-of-five FUBA Playoff semifinals.
As Game Two showed, this series has the potential to degenerate into one big boxing bout. Henry Malinga and Michael Karuiki scored 17 points apiece to lead Kyambogo to a 66-56 victory over UCU in a violent clash Sunday at the MTN Arena.
Sudi Ulanga and Desmond Owili netted 10 and nine points respectively for UCU, who lost the chance to take a 2-0 series lead after replacing the composure and focus that have served them well this postseason with pointless violent play.
The Warriors were nasty in their own way but it is they who benefited from this shambles of a basketball game. The match was played in such a foul spirit, there were so many horrific incidents, which in a normal league would attract suspensions.

The massive brawl
Owili intentionally elbowed Cyrus Kiviri in the neck, forcing him out of the game and into hospital. Owili claims Kiviri punched him in the groin first. Sunday Okot stamped on Ivan Enabu as he lay on the ground.
Enabu retaliated with a swing of the leg and punch to the body of Okot. Brian Namake elbowed Jude Ochen on the chin, Ochen paid him with a punch to the head. Ronnie Kasewu elbowed Ulanga, Ulanga stamped Enabu in response.
And what did the referees do as these and other violations happened? Frankly, very little. No player was ejected and it was the realisation that the referees (Edward Sendi and Ivan Semanda) were clueless about how to handle the game that escalated this mayhem.
Enabu was contrite yesterday: “What I did was wrong and nothing can justify it,” he said.

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