16 October 2012

Liberia: LBA's Boss Between the Scissors - As Campaign to Remove Him Intensifies, Lawmaker Begs for Time

The drive to remove Liberia Basketball Association president and his entire team has received a big blow with Montserrado County political District #7 Representative Solomon C. George frowning on behind the scene to rally around and seek 2/3 majority of stakeholders' signatures to have the LBA chief retire from his post immediately.
The president and founder of LBA female champions C-Delta said there is no genuine reason to axe the LBA superman out. "No bona fide basis to eject Mr. Anderson from the post, he has done nothing wrong for this Rufus cannot be removed, I will stand in his defense" he maintained "He still has up to 2014 in office, we need a transitional process not Coup d'état" he stated.
The candid veteran sports administrator cautioned stakeholders of the LBA to critically examine their thoughts regarding what they have done in supporting their players to motivate them in improving the game. "We have to support our own teams to help make the game spirited, it is not an individual work," he revealed.
The Montserrado County Lawmaker appealed to stakeholders to give Rufus Anderson a chance to end his tenure which is expected to climax 2014 at which time they will have the best opportunity to decide who leads basketball in Liberia.
It can be recalled that Representative Solomon George was defeated by Mr. Rufus Anderson at the 2011 LBA elections, regardless his defeat, he has warned stakeholders that the basketball house lacks the necessary support and they all need to furnish their support to the president.
"We have malaria within the basketball circle, team presidents need to sort it out and see whether the game will not improve," he added. Stakeholders, who are yeaning for the removal of the head of the basketball house, said their frustration derived from the poor handling of the game in the country which has given rise to what is termed "a massive decline in the game."
According to them the boss of the basketball house does not deserve to stay at the helm of the game after failing to step up the game and needs to step down or be impeached from his post. Is it because the huge allotment allocated in the national budget for basketball? This has become a million dollar question in the country; it is believed that about US$100,000.00 has been allocated in the Ministry of Youth and Sports operational budget for basketball which many basketball lovers noticed that the campaigners do not want Anderson to misappropriate it.
In seeking the views of some basketball pundits and followers by our Sports Desk, many have expressed their disappointment in which the game has been run, but were quick to point out that the stakeholders are responsible for the decline, the fact that they did not look at the future of basketball, but to sacrifice the interest of the game for little of nothing. "They never look at the future of the game before voting him or wanted something for themselves"? A basketball follower asked.
The New Republic Sports Desk will keep you posted on the campaign as we get the views of stakeholders and followers of the game.

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