17 July 2012

KENYA : Tom Munyama Basketball tournament Stormed

Storms basketball team on Sunday brushed off fellow KBF league side Strathmore University 81 -43 to win the ladies edition of the Tom Munyama tournament held over the weekend in Nairobi. The tournament took place at the Railways Sports Club and Upper Hill School.

In the men’s category, 2011 Premier League champions Co-op bank overcame their bad start to the KBF season after emerging winners on Sunday beating fellow bankers and arch rivals Kenya Commercial Bank 61 -59 to also lift the bragging rights.
Titus Musembi of Co-op bank and Susan Akinyi from Storms were named the Most Valuable Players of the two days’ tournament. Others were Emmanuel Soja (Strathmore) , Susan Manya (Strathmore) and Betty Kananu (KU Oryx)

The tournament ran from Saturday to Sunday.
Below are the collated results of the tournament;

Men: Upper Hill 41 UON Terrorists 32; Strathmore 31-15 African Nazarene University; Upper Hill 22-34 Strathmore 34; Strathmore 74-26 Rookies, Umoja 45-67 KCB; Strathmore 29-12 Multi Media, USIU 54-66 Co-op; KAA 64-68 USIU; Co-op 55-34 NAC; KU Pirates 38-57 USIU; USIU 53-46 NAC; KU Pirates 40- 60 NAC; KU Pirates; KCB 66-37 KAA; Co-op 60-40 Parklands; Co-op 54-48 Ulinzi; MMU 64-32 World hope; UoN 41-34 ANU; Zetech 51-43 World Hope; Upper hill 50-13 ANU; UoN 41-34 ANU; UoN 26-37 Strathmore; Rookies 29-52 Parklands; World Hope 54-27 Upper hill; Parklands 24-35 MKU; Rookies 30-43 MKU; KAA 61-39 Umoja; Parklands 38-4 Ulinzi; Ulinzi 37-63 Strathmore; Strathmore 38-18 Strathmore B; Zetech 44-76 Strathmore; MMU 44-30 Zetech; Upper hill B 14-34 MMU; MKU 42-55 Zetech; KCB 78-46 Strathmore; MMU 52-40; Strathmore 59-21 MKU; Strathmore 62-33 Parklands.

Strathmore 37-23 KU Oryx’ Storms 27-24 Safe Spaces; KCA University 24-29 Strathmore; KU 29-13 Multi Media, Buru buru 42-20 MMU; Storms 46-29 KCA; Storms 65-48 KU; Strathmore 26-39 Storms; Buru buru 17-30 Strathmore; Buru buru 42-20 MMU; Strathmore 47-25 KU Oryx; Storms 65-48 KU Oryx; Safe spaces 32-35 KCA


KCB 59-61 Co-op Bank
Storms 81-43 Strathmore
Strathmore 81-43 Multi Media University

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