27 August 2007

LIBERIA : Country Ranked Sixteenth

The national basketball team of Liberia lost her final match in the placement category of the African Basketball Championship and has therefore been ranked the least team amongst the sixteen teams in the tournament.

According to sports reporter, N. Randy Williams, who traveled with the team, Liberia lost her last match in the championship tourney after falling to DR Congo 84-92 points in a match that was full of excitement.

The team left the country about a fortnight ago to participate in the African event and lost all matches played in the competition despite earlier promise its managers made to secure at least two wins in the group stage.

Last month, the team, comprising of virtually the same players who participated in the All Africa Games in Algiers, Algeria, where she again lost all five matches, played in the gone competition. The team is expected to fly to Accra, Ghana and subsequently return to the country this week.

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